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Teri Diwali Meri Christmas Movie Review Rating StarCast

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Teri Diwali Meri Christmas is a Bollywood romance-drama, depicts the story of a girl and godman. A young girl with seasonal amnesia encounters a man claiming to be God. Together, both of them try to recover her memories.


Average Ratings: 3.7/5
Score: 67% Positive
Reviews Counted: 3
Positive: 2
Negative: 1


12-Dec-2020 ( India) 1h 30m


Anurag Jha, Hemavaishnave

Anurag Jha


Anurag Jha

Written by:

Anurag Jha

Biranchi Meter 35%
Critics Meter 25%

Review by : Google User

Ratings : 5/5       Site – Google

A new genre, as expected from AJC. TDMC, standing for Teri Diwali meri Christmas is an amazing adventure, fantasy. Though the film is seen to be romantic in the poster. There’s only 2‑5% of romantic angle in the film. Completely fresh material.

Review by : Google User

Ratings : 1/5       Site – 

Absolutely rubbish. The problem with ths film is rhe director/actor/writer/lyricist, a person who thinks he can do everything, but is so bad that he should not even direct school plays. He has also left a 5 star rating in the comments All the good comments have been left by …

Review by : Google User

Ratings : 5/5       Site – 

Can’t believe how can people be so toxic to new talents. The movie is a fresh attempt at something new. People will abuse nepo artists and when someone tries something new they’ll bring them down with such inhumane comments.


Teri Diwali Meri Christmas is a Bollywood romance-drama, depicts the story of a girl and godman. A young girl with seasonal amnesia encounters a man claiming to be God. Together, both of them try to recover her memories.

12-Dec-2020 ( India)

1 Hr 30 Mins

Teri Diwali Meri Christmas movie will be released on 12 December on Amazon Prime Worldwide.

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