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313 Ukrainian Baby Names With Meanings

TheBiranchi Team has collected a new list of 313 unique Ukrainian baby Boy & Girl names, which might sound perfect for your newborn baby.

In this article, you will get to know Trending Ukrainian Baby Boy and Girl Names, which you may consider for your newborn baby. All the Ukrainian baby names are arranged with their meaning, gender, and origin.

Unique Ukrainian Boy Names With Meaning & Origin

We have collected the most unique 156 Ukrainian Baby Boy Names, which you may consider for your newly born baby boy.

AleksanderProtector / Defender of MankindBoyUkrainian
AleksandrDefender of Man; Man's DefenderBoyUkrainian
AlekseiDefender of Mankind; To ProtectBoyUkrainian
AlekseyDefender of MankindBoyUkrainian
AlexanderHelper / Protector / Defender of MankindBoyUkrainian
AnatoliEasterner; Dawn; DaybreakBoyUkrainian
AndrijBrave; Manly; VirilityBoyUkrainian
AndriyManly; WarriorBoyUkrainian
AnnaName of a King; Food; Grain; Earth and Water; GodBoyUkrainian
AntinAntin comes from the Roman clan name Antonius and means worthy of praise.BoyUkrainian
ArtemShorter version of Artemas; another name of ArtemisBoyUkrainian
BodashkaGod's giftBoyUkrainian
BogdanGod has Rendered; Gift from GodBoyUkrainian
BohdanBohdan is the masculine version of Bohdana and means given by God.BoyUkrainian
BohdankoGod's giftBoyUkrainian
BohuslavGod's GloryBoyUkrainian
BoryskoFighter; WarriorBoyUkrainian
BoryskoA warrior, one who is capable of fighting.BoyUkrainian
BoryslavOne who likes fighting for fame.BoyUkrainian
BoykoFrom Western UkraineBoyUkrainian
BurianDwells near the weeds.BoyUkrainian
DaniloThe Lord / God is My JudgeBoyUkrainian
DanyaGod's gift.BoyUkrainian
DanyikoGod is My JudgeBoyUkrainian
DanyletsGod is my judgeBoyUkrainian
DanylkoJudge, a person who makes good judgement.BoyUkrainian
DemianTo TameBoyUkrainian
DenysFrom the Latin DionysosBoyUkrainian
DimitriFrom the Mother of LandBoyUkrainian
DivyenSuperb; Heavenly; BrilliantBoyUkrainian
DmitriLover of the EarthBoyUkrainian
DmytroLoves the EarthBoyUkrainian
DonyaWorld-mighty; World RulerBoyUkrainian
EvgenWell Born; Of Noble DescentBoyUkrainian
EvgeniOf Noble Descent; Well BornBoyUkrainian
FaddeiA boy who is brave and valiant.BoyUkrainian
FadeyBold; Brave; CourageousBoyUkrainian
FadeyushkaBrave and courageousBoyUkrainian
FedirGift of GodBoyUkrainian
GarikSpear RulerBoyUkrainian
GennadiyNoble; GenerousBoyUkrainian
GeorgiyUkrainian variant of George, meaning farmer.BoyUkrainian
GlibHair of GodBoyUkrainian
GrygoriyUkrainian variant of Gregory, meaning watchful or alert.BoyUkrainian
HedeonFeller of Trees; Destroyer; HewerBoyUkrainian
HeorhiyFarmer, one belonging to farming occupationBoyUkrainian
HryhoriyWatchful; VigilantBoyUkrainian
IgorA man protected by God.BoyUkrainian
IliaThe Lord is My GodBoyUkrainian
IllyaMy God is HeBoyUkrainian
IvanGod's gift.BoyUkrainian
IwanWelsh Form of John; Gift of GodBoyUkrainian
JanSupplanter; God is GraciousBoyUkrainian
JerzyFarmer; Earth WorkerBoyUkrainian
JonThe Lord is GraciousBoyUkrainian
KielLiving near a Narrow ChannelBoyUkrainian
KosmaOrder; Universe; BeautyBoyUkrainian
KostyaConstant; SteadfastBoyUkrainian
KostyantynKostyantyn is Ukrainian form of Constantine. It means constant.BoyUkrainian
KrystiyanUkrainian version of Christian, meaning follower of Christ.BoyUkrainian
KuzmaThe universeBoyUkrainian
KyryloKyrylo name means The Lord, GodBoyUkrainian
LevLion; Similar to Leo; BraveBoyUkrainian
LudaFirst Half of 15th CenturyBoyUkrainian
LukaLight; Man from LucaniaBoyUkrainian
LyaksandraUkrainian form of Alexander, meaning defender of man.BoyUkrainian
LyaksandroDefender of MankindBoyUkrainian
MaksymOne who is the greatestBoyUkrainian
MarkoOf Mars; The God of WarBoyUkrainian
MaryanSea; Virile; Manly; MarsBoyUkrainian
MatviGift of YahwehBoyUkrainian
MatviyGift of GodBoyUkrainian
MatviykoGift of GodBoyUkrainian
MaximThe greatest oneBoyUkrainian
MihailoOne who is like GodBoyUkrainian
MikhailoOne who is like GodBoyUkrainian
MillfordMill by the FordBoyUkrainian
MychajloOne who is like GodBoyUkrainian
MykhailoOne who is like GodBoyUkrainian
MykhayloOne who is like GodBoyUkrainian
MykolaVictory of the PeopleBoyUkrainian
MykytaA boy who has the capability of winning in every field, a winnerBoyUkrainian
MyronMyrrh; An Embalming SpiceBoyUkrainian
NazayiaOne who is from NazarethBoyUkrainian
NikolayPeople's VictoryBoyUkrainian
OlekDefender of ManBoyUkrainian
OleksanderDefender of MankindBoyUkrainian
OleksandrDefender of MankindBoyUkrainian
OleksiyDefender of MankindBoyUkrainian
OrestOne who stands on the mountain.BoyUkrainian
OsipGod will Multiply / IncreaseBoyUkrainian
PanasHe who is immortalBoyUkrainian
PavloLittle; Form of Paul; SmallBoyUkrainian
PetroStone; RockBoyUkrainian
PetrusoRock; StoneBoyUkrainian
PylypLover of HorsesBoyUkrainian
RomanCitizen of Roman; Man from RomeBoyUkrainian
RostyslavTo increase gloryBoyUkrainian
RuslanLion ManBoyUkrainian
RustamLarge; Very Tall; DecorationBoyUkrainian
SattarConcealer; One who HidesBoyUkrainian
SavaWise; Old ManBoyUkrainian
SemanOne who is God listeningBoyUkrainian
SergeiAttendant; Protector; ShepherdBoyUkrainian
SergeyServant; Attendant; LoyalBoyUkrainian
SergiySergiy is derived from the Roman clan name Sergius. It means protector.BoyUkrainian
SergueiThe AttendantBoyUkrainian
StanislavCamp Glory; Fame; CarefulBoyUkrainian
StepanExalts; Man with a Crown; GarlandBoyUkrainian
SymonHe who hearsBoyUkrainian
TarasCreated; Thirst; Poseidon's SonBoyUkrainian
UrianCity BornBoyUkrainian
VankoGod's giftBoyUkrainian
VasykloRegal, NobleBoyUkrainian
VasylRegal; King; RulerBoyUkrainian
VictorVictorious; Conqueror; WinnerBoyUkrainian
ViktorThe Conqueror; VictoryBoyUkrainian
VitaliyLife-giving; Vital of LifeBoyUkrainian
VladimirRuler of the WorldBoyUkrainian
VladislavGlorious rule or a glorious ruler.BoyUkrainian
VolodymyrFamous RulerBoyUkrainian
WasylRuler; KingBoyUkrainian
WolodymyrGreat and Peaceful RulerBoyUkrainian
YaroslavSpring GloryBoyUkrainian
YevgeniOf Noble Descent; Well BornBoyUkrainian
YevgenyWell-born; Born to NobilityBoyUkrainian
YevheniyWell-born, NobleBoyUkrainian
YosypGod ShallBoyUkrainian
YouriMy LightBoyUkrainian
YuriThe Lord is My LightBoyUkrainian

Unique Ukrainian Girl Names With Meaning & Origin

We have collected the most beautiful and unique 157 Ukrainian Baby Girl Names, which you may consider for your newly born baby girl.

AleksandraDefender of ManGirlUkrainian
AlenaTorch of Light; Dear Child; TorchGirlUkrainian
AlisaKind Type; God is Salvation; SunGirlUkrainian
AlisaaOf the Nobility; God is SalvationGirlUkrainian
AllaAn Angel; Name of Truth; DefenderGirlUkrainian
AlyonaTorch of LightGirlUkrainian
AnastasiaResurrection; coming againGirlUkrainian
AnastasiiaOne who Shall Rise AgainGirlUkrainian
AnetaGracious; Merciful; Grace; FavourGirlUkrainian
AnichkaGrace, a graceful womanGirlUkrainian
BohdanaGod's Gift; Given by GodGirlUkrainian
BohuslavaGod's Glory, A woman who always glorifies the almighty.GirlUkrainian
BoykaFrom Western UkraineGirlUkrainian
DanielaGod is My JudgeGirlUkrainian
DaryaWealthy; Rich; Possesses a LotGirlUkrainian
DarynaThe gift of GodGirlUkrainian
EkaterinaInnocent; Form of Catherine; PureGirlUkrainian
ElenaLight; Sun Ray; ShiningGirlUkrainian
GalinaLight; Shining; CalmGirlUkrainian
GalynaA girl who stays calm and quite in every situation. Calmness.GirlUkrainian
GannaFavor, a woman who is full of grace.GirlUkrainian
HalyaMoon's Halo; Bright One; ShiningGirlUkrainian
IngaGod of Fertility and PeaceGirlUkrainian
InhaCenter of Harmony; RestlessnessGirlUkrainian
InnaUkrainian term for fast flowing stream.GirlUkrainian
IonnaGod's giftGirlUkrainian
IvanGift of GodGirlUkrainian
IvannaA Biblical name, meaning God is gracious.GirlUkrainian
KalynaGuelder Rose ShrubGirlUkrainian
KaterinaChaste; Pure; TortureGirlUkrainian
KatryaPure, a pure and chaste womanGirlUkrainian
KatrynaKateryna is the Ukrainian version of Katherine and means pure.GirlUkrainian
KatyaPure; Holy; ChasteGirlUkrainian
KhrystynaFollower of Christ.GirlUkrainian
KlaraClear; Bright; Brilliant; FamousGirlUkrainian
KlarysaBright; Famous; ClearGirlUkrainian
KlavdiyaThe name means Cripple and LameGirlUkrainian
LaraFamous; Well-known; CheerfulGirlUkrainian
LarisaCheerful; BeautifulGirlUkrainian
LarissaWoman from Citadel; CheerfulGirlUkrainian
LarysaSea gullGirlUkrainian
LavraOne crowned with a crown of laurel tree leavesGirlUkrainian
LeraReference to the Virgin MaryGirlUkrainian
LesiaOf Noble Kind; ExaltedGirlUkrainian
LesyaDefender, helper, liberator of menGirlUkrainian
LeysaDefender of manGirlUkrainian
LiliaNight; Form of Lilac; BluishGirlUkrainian
LudmilaGraceful People; Dear; FavourGirlUkrainian
LudmillaBeloved of the PeopleGirlUkrainian
Lukinagraceful and brightGirlUkrainian
LyubochkaLove of the PeopleGirlUkrainian
LyubovLove; Loving WomanGirlUkrainian
LyudmylaOne who is nice to everyoneGirlUkrainian
MargaritaPearl; Child of LightGirlUkrainian
MariaVariation of Mary or Miriam which means Bitter or Wished-for childGirlUkrainian
MarichkaUkrainian version of Maria, meaning star of the sea, bitter or beloved.GirlUkrainian
MarinaFrom the Shore; Sea MaidenGirlUkrainian
MarinochkaFrom the SeaGirlUkrainian
MaryanaVariant of MaryGirlUkrainian
MikaylaMichaela; Like GodGirlUkrainian
MikhailaLike the Lord; Gift from GodGirlUkrainian
MykhailaOne who is like GodGirlUkrainian
MyroslavaOne who is destined to be glorious, gloriousGirlUkrainian
MyshaA Happy MoodGirlUkrainian
NadezhdaFilled with Hope; HopeGirlUkrainian
NadiaFilled with Hope; Caller; MoistGirlUkrainian
NataliaBorn on Christmas DayGirlUkrainian
NataliyaBorn on Christmas DayGirlUkrainian
NatalkaBirthday of ChristGirlUkrainian
OksanaWoman of HospitalityGirlUkrainian
OksanochkaPraise be to GodGirlUkrainian
OleksandraDefender of MankindGirlUkrainian
OlenaTorch of Light; Moon; GlowGirlUkrainian
OleneThe overall circumstances or conditions in life. The fortune.GirlUkrainian
OleseaNimm is the name of a tree that gives harsh and unpleasant taste of fruits.GirlUkrainian
OliviyaOlive; LightGirlUkrainian
OlyaHoly; Blessed; Bright OneGirlUkrainian
OxanaHospitable to ForeignersGirlUkrainian
PavlaTiny; Petite; Little; SmallGirlUkrainian
RaisaEasy-going; Leader; Flower; QueenGirlUkrainian
RayaFlow; Sated with Drink; WiseGirlUkrainian
RitaPearl; Child of LightGirlUkrainian
RuslanaA woman as powerful as a lioness, lionessGirlUkrainian
SashaDefending MenGirlUkrainian
SashenkaDefender of MankindGirlUkrainian
ShrimaFortunate; Mother of WealthGirlUkrainian
SofiaKnowledge; Wisdom; Will; WiseGirlUkrainian
SofiyaShyness; Good CharacterGirlUkrainian
SofiykoUkrainian form of Sophia, meaning wisdom.GirlUkrainian
SolomiyaPeace, a woman of peaceful nature.GirlUkrainian
SvetaLuminescent; White; Bright LightGirlUkrainian
SvetlanaShining Woman; Star; SpringGirlUkrainian
SvitlanaA variation of Svetlana, meaning pure and light.GirlUkrainian
SymonaShe who hears everythingGirlUkrainian
SynthiaMoon Goddess; Form of CynthiaGirlUkrainian
TaanyaFairy Princess; Worthy of PraiseGirlUkrainian
TamaraSpice; Date Tree; Palm TreeGirlUkrainian
TanechkaFairy QueenGirlUkrainian
TanyaOf the Family; Fairy PrincessGirlUkrainian
TatianaFairy Princess; Fairy QueenGirlUkrainian
TatjanaFrom the House of TatiusGirlUkrainian
TatyanaA Saint's name; Fairy QueenGirlUkrainian
TonyeInestimable; PricelessGirlUkrainian
UliaSea JewelGirlUkrainian
UllaTo Fill up; Rich Powerful RulerGirlUkrainian
UlyanaSoft-haired; YouthfulGirlUkrainian
ValentinaSound; Strong and Healthy; BraveGirlUkrainian
ValentynaUkrainian version of Valentina, meaning strong, healthy and brave.GirlUkrainian
ValeriaTo be StrongGirlUkrainian
VasylynaQueenly or queen like.GirlUkrainian
VeraTruth; VictoryGirlUkrainian
VeronikaCroatian form of Veronica. It means true and honest.GirlUkrainian
VictoriaWoman of Victory; VictoriousGirlUkrainian
VictoriyaWoman of VictoryGirlUkrainian
VikaGod's Power Full of LifeGirlUkrainian
ViktoriaVictorious; ConquerorGirlUkrainian
ViktoriyaTo Conquer; VictoryGirlUkrainian
ViyaBreeze; Poem; SweetGirlUkrainian
YanaGod Gifted; Precious to GodGirlUkrainian
YelysavetaDevoted to GodGirlUkrainian
YevaLife-enhancing; Alive; LivingGirlUkrainian
YevgeniaBorn to NobilityGirlUkrainian
YuliaYoung; Youthful; Soft BeardedGirlUkrainian
YulyaYouthful; YoungGirlUkrainian
ZhannaGod is GraciousGirlUkrainian
ZinaName; A Beauty; WelcomingGirlUkrainian
ZinaidaOf ZeusGirlUkrainian