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Algerian Children’s Songs | Best Kids Song in Algeria

Welcome to TheBiranchi’s collection of Children’s Songs, Nursery Rhymes, Kid’s Songs, Lullabies, and Children’s Songs in Algeria.

Our research team has synchronized all of the Algerian Songs / Rhymes / Lullabies in several categories in both their regional tongue and English. All of the Children’s Songs are described thoroughly, along with their respective meanings.

Algerian Nursery Rhymes

يا خيطة, يا ميااطة

Algerian Children’s Song

خوي امحمد

Algerian Children’s Song

يا يجانجل يا مجانجل

Algerian Children’s Song


Algerian Boy's Lullaby

Ayeuli yel’ha wouliw

Algerian Girl's Lullaby

Tseudoughe Tsala

Algerian Children's Song

Plouf Tizen Tizen

Algerian Children’s Song