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Aserrín, aserrán – Argentinean Children’s Song Lyrics

TheBiranchi Team brings you the most popular Argentinean Children’s Song “Aserrín, aserrán”.

This article will teach you the famous Children’s Song “Saw, Saw” in the Argentinean language i.e. Aserrín, aserrán. The Children’s Song is written in English and Spanish language.

Aserrín, aserrán

Canción infantil (Spanish)

los maderos
de San Juan,
piden pan,
no les dan
piden queso
les dan hueso
y les cortan
el pescuezo

Saw, Saw

Children’s Song (English)

The woodsmen
Of San Juan
Ask for bread,
They’re given none,
Ask for cheese,
They’re given a bone,
And their neck
is cut.

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