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Bengali Baby Names

Whether you’re looking for a unique Bengali name for your baby boy or girl, a fictional character, or just love names, you’ve come to the right place! Research the meaning of Bengali names, history, origin, etymology, and fun name facts for first and last names.

Bengali Baby Names and Meanings

Imagine having a limitless list of baby names to choose from. How does that sound? TheBiranchi brings its vast collection of 10,000+ Bengali baby names to your disposal.

We provide the most popular and unique Bengali Baby names from each and every category (e.g. Modern Bengali Names, Unique Bengali Names, Traditional Bengali Names, Sweet Bengali Names, Happy Bengali Names, etc. ) you could possibly think of. Go ahead and name your baby!

OLIVER             LIAM              ASHER

ETHAN             FELIX             HENRY

ARCHER          ISAAC            AIDEN


GAVIN            MICHAEL        IAN

AURORA         HAZEL         AVA

NORA              OLIVIA         ALICE

LYDIA              ATHENA      CLARA

NAOMI            CLOVER       ELISE

SIENNA            MAYA         JANE