100 Perfect Middle Names For Axel [Catchy & Cool]

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TheBiranchi Team has collected a new list of the Top 100 most perfect middle names for Axelwhich might sound perfect for your newborn.

In this article, you will get to know the meaning, gender, and origin of the name Axel. Also, we have arranged a list of the best middle names for Axel, and a comprehensive list of the Most Famous People Named Axel.


Axel: Meaning & Origin

Axel means – Father of peace

Axel gender – Masculine

Axel origin – Scandinavian, German, French

You can find the Meaning, Origin, Personality Traits, Horoscope, and detailed information about the name Axel here.


100 Best Middle Names For Axel

Are you looking for a perfect middle name for Axel? Check out these awesome middle names:

1.  Axel Aaron

2. Axel Abby

3. Axel Amigas

4. Axel Augustin

5. Axel Aurelian

6. Axel Barnaby

7. Axel Bartholomew

8. Axel Bastien

9. Axel Beckett

10. Axel Benedetto

11. Axel Benjamin

12. Axel Benson

13. Axel Benvolio

14. Axel Bernard

15. Axel Bill

16. Axel Bram

17. Axel Brandt

18. Axel Caden

19. Axel Christoph

20. Axel Christopher

21. Axel Clark

22. Axel Cornelius

23. Axel Cyprus

24. Axel Damian

25. Axel Damien

26. Axel Dean

27. Axel Dmitri

28. Axel Dominic

29. Axel Donovan

30. Axel Dorian

31. Axel Dylan

32. Axel Eduardo

33. Axel Edward

34. Axel Elliott

35. Axel Everett

36. Axel Fabiano

37. Axel Finn

38. Axel Finnegan

39. Axel Finnian

40. Axel Fitzwilliam

41. Axel Frederick

42. Axel Fyodor

43. Axel Gabriel

44. Axel Gideon

45. Axel Giulio

46. Axel Gulliver

47. Axel Hadrian

48. Axel Heathcliff

49. Axel Henry

50. Axel Horatio

51. Axel Hudson

52. Axel Hunter

53. Axel James

54. Axel Jameson

55. Axel Jarvis

56. Axel Jasper

57. Axel Jed

58. Axel Jett

59. Axel Josiah

60. Axel Julian

61. Axel Julius

62. Axel Kroch

63. Axel Logan

64. Axel Lorenzo

65. Axel Luciano

66. Axel Malcolm

67. Axel Marcello

68. Axel Marcus

69. Axel Marius

70. Axel Martin

71. Axel Massimo

72. Axel Matthias

73. Axel Mill

74. Axel Mordechai

75. Axel Nicholas

76. Axel Nicolai

77. Axel Obadiah

78. Axel Oberon

79. Axel Orion

80. Axel Orlando

81. Axel Orpheus

82. Axel Owen

83. Axel Ozias

84. Axel Peregrine

85. Axel Phineas

86. Axel Quinn

87. Axel Rafferty

88. Axel Rainier

89. Axel Reginald

90. Axel Rhys

91. Axel Rick

92. Axel Samson

93. Axel Sawyer

94. Axel Tristan

95. Axel Tybalt

96. Axel Valentino

97. Axel Vaughn

98. Axel Vivaldo

99. Axel Willoughby

100. Axel Zacharias



Nicknames For Axel

Nicknames are a great way to show your newborn you love them. Here are a few of the most popular Axel nicknames:

  • Ak

  • El

  • Axy

  • Axelly

  • Xell

  • Xelly

  • Ax


Names Similar to Axel

Check out these similar-sounding names list to discover more names that are similar to Axel.

  • Ace

  • Archer

  • Ash

  • Atlas

  • Blaze

  • Braxton

  • Cash

  • Cruz

  • Dash

  • Ezekiel

  • Ezra

  • Fitz

  • Gunner

  • Hugo

  • Hunter

  • Jace

  • Jax

  • Jett

  • Knox

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Most Famous People Named Axel

Our names have the potential to influence our behavior, physical appearance, career path and life choices, popularity, and how others perceive us.  If a child has a story behind his name, it can motivate him to be like his namesake and to emulate that person’s good qualities.

Go through the list of popular personalities named Axel:

Axel (born 1977), Argentine singer-songwriter
Absalon (1128–1201), Danish archbishop also known as Axel of Lund
Prince Axel of Denmark (1888–1964)
Axel Aabrink (1887–1965), Danish painter
Axel Gustav Adlercreutz (1821–1880), Swedish politician and civil servant
Axel Alfredsson (1902–1966), Swedish footballer
Axel Algmark (born 1990), Swedish pop singer
Axel von Ambesser (1910–1988), German actor and film director
Axel Anderberg (1860–1937), Swedish architect
Axel Andersen (1891–1931), Danish gymnast
Axel Andersen Byrval (1875–1957), Danish football player and manager
Axel Anderson (1929–2012), German-born Puerto Rican actor, television producer and television host
Axel Andersson (1887–1951), Swedish track and field athlete
Axel Andrésson (1895–1961), Icelandic footballer and football club founder
Axel Óskar Andrésson (born 1998), Icelandic footballer
Axel Aubert (1873–1943), Norwegian chemical engineer
Axel Augis (born 1990), French gymnast
Axel Axelsson (born 1942), Icelandic footballer
Axel Axelsson (born 1951), Icelandic handball player
Axel Axgil (1915–2011), Danish gay rights activist, first man to enter into a same-sex registered partnership

Axel Bäck (born 1987), Swedish alpine skier
Axel Bachmann (born 1989), Paraguayan chess player
Axel Bakayoko (born 1998), French footballer
Axel Bakunts (1899–1937), Armenian prose writer, film-writer, translator and activist
Axel Bassani (born 1999), Italian motorcycle racer
Axel Bauer (born 1961), French singer
Axel J. Beck (1894-1981), American federal judge
Axel D. Becke (born 1953), Canadian physical chemist, professor and researcher
Axel Bellinghausen (born 1983), German footballer
Axel Berg (1856-1929), Danish architect
Axel Berg (born 1959), German politician
Axel Berndt (born 19??), German sprint canoer
Axel Birnbaum (born 1966), Austrian fencer
Axel Bloch (1911–1998), Danish fencer
Jan Axel Blomberg (born 1969), Norwegian heavy metal drummer (Mayhem, Arcturus)
Axel von Blomberg (1908–1941), German Air Force officer
Axel Blomqvist (1894–1965), Swedish speed skater
Axel Blumberg (1981-2004), Argentine kidnap and murder victim
Axel Gudbrand Blytt (1843–1898), Norwegian botanist and geologist
Jonas Axel Boeck (1833–1873), Norwegian marine biologist
Axel Boëthius (1889– 1969), Swedish scholar and archaeologist of Etruscan culture
Axel Boman (born 19??), Swedish house music DJ and producer
Axel Borgmann (born 1994), German footballer
Axel Borup-Jørgensen (1924–2012), Danish composer
Axel Börsch-Supan (born 1954), German economist and researcher
Axel Brage (born 1989), Swedish ice hockey player
Axel Braun (born 19??), Italian adult film producer and director
Axel Brauns (born 1963), German writer and filmmaker
Axel Ludvig Broström (1838–1905), Swedish shipping magnate
Axel T. Brunger (born 1956), German-born American biophysicist
Axel Bruns (born 19??), German-born Australian scholar
Axel Brusewitz (1881–1950), Swedish political scientist and professor
Axel Buch (1930–1998), Norwegian politician
Axel Bulthaupt (born 1966), German journalist, entertainer and television presenter
Axel von dem Bussche (1919–1993), German WWII military officer, attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler

Axel Cadier (1906–1974), Swedish wrestler
Axel Chapelle (born 1995), French pole vaulter
Axel Cleeremans (born 1962), Belgian cognitive scientist and professor
Axel Clerget (born 1987), French judoka
Axel Coldevin (1900–1992), Norwegian historian
Axel Collett (1880–1968), Norwegian landowner, timber merchant and sawmill owner
Axel Coon (born 1975), German musician
Axel Corti (1933—1993), Austrian screenwriter, film director and radio host

Axel Daeseleire (born 1968), Belgian actor
Axel Danielson (1867–1949), Swedish journalist and Swedish editor
Axel Danielsson (1863–1899), Swedish socialist agitator, journalist and writer
Axel Didriksson (born 19??), Mexican writer, academic and professor
Axel Dieter Jr. (born 1990), German professional wrestler
Axel Disasi (born 1998), French footballer
Axel Domont (born 1990), French racing cyclist
Axel Doruelo (born 1982), Filipino basketball player
Axel Dreher (born 1972), German economist
Axel Drolsum (1846–1927), Norwegian librarian
Axel Düberg (1927–2001), Swedish film actor
Axel Dünnwald-Metzler (1939–2004), German footballer

Axel Edelstam (1924–2012), Swedish diplomat
Axel Bjorn Edwards (2022-), British Baby
Axel Eggebrecht (1899–1991), German journalist and writer
Axel Ehnström (born 1990), Finnish singer-songwriter
Axel Eidstedt (born 1995), Swedish ice hockey player
Axel Ekblom (1893–1957), Swedish sport shooter
Axel Elmlund (1838–1901), ballet dancer and stage actor
Axel Elofs (1903–1983), Swedish long-distance runner
Axel Ender (1853-1920), Norwegian painter and sculptor
Axel Enström (1893–1977), Swedish industrialist
Axel Fredrik Enström (1875–1948), Swedish electrical engineer
Axel Eriksson (1884–1975), Swedish rower
Axel Wilhelm Eriksson (1846–1901) Swedish ornithologist, settler, explorer and trader
Axel Erlandson (1884–1964), Swedish-born American farmer and horticulturalist

Axel von Fersen the Elder (1719–1794), Swedish statesman and soldier
Axel von Fersen the Younger (1755–1810), Swedish count, diplomat, military general and statesman
Axel Firsoff (1912–1981), Swedish-British amateur astronomer and author
Axel Fischer (born 1966), German politician
Axel Foley (born 19??), American hip hop musician
Axel Olof Freudenthal (1836–1911), Finnish philologist and politician

Axel Gabrielsson (1886–1975), Swedish rower
Axel Gade (1860–1921), Danish violinist, composer and conductor
Axel Gedaschko (born 1959), German politician
Axel Geller (born 1999), Argentine tennis player
Axel Gjöres (1889–1979), Swedish politician
Axel Gotthard (born 1959), German historian and professor
Axel Graatkjær (1885–1969), Danish cinematographer
Axel Grandjean (1847-1932), Danish composer and conductor
Axel Gresvig (born 1941), Norwegian competitive sailor
Axel Grönberg (1918–1988), Swedish wrestler
Axel Gyldenstierne (c. 1542–1603) Danish-Norwegian official and Governor-general of Norway
Axel Gyllenkrok (1665–1730), Swedish baron, military general and governor of Gothenburg
Axel Gyllenkrok (1888-1946), Norwegian sport shooter
Axel Gyntersberg (c. 1525–1588), Norwegian nobleman and feudal overlord

Axel Otto Hagemann (1856–1907), Norwegian politician
Axel Hager (born 1969), German beach volleyball player
Axel Haig (1835–1921), Swedish-born British artist, architect and illustrator
Axel Hallberg (born 1999), Swedish politician
Axel Hamberg (1863–1933), Swedish mineralogist, geographer, explorer, photographer and professor of geography
Axel Hampus Dalström (1829–1882), Finnish architect
Axel Hansen (1899–1933), Danish cyclist
Axel Henry Hansen (1887–1980), Norwegian gymnast
Axel von Harnack (1895–1974), German librarian, historian and philologist
Axel Härstedt (born 1987), Swedish discus thrower
Axel Haverich (born 1953), German cardiac surgeon
Axel Hedfors (aka Axwell, born 1977), Swedish DJ and musician
Axel Hedenlund (1888–1919), Swedish track and field athlete
Axel Heiberg (1848–1932), Norwegian diplomat and financier
Axel Heiberg (1908–1988), Norwegian judge
Axel Heiberg Stang (1904–1974), Norwegian politician, landowner and forester
Axel C. Heitmann (born 1959), German business executive
Axel Hellstrom (1893–1933), German muscle reader, mentalist and stage magician
Axel Helsted (1847-1907), Danish painter
Axel Nicolai Herlofson (1845–1910), Norwegian fraudster and criminal
Axel Hervelle (born 1983), Belgian basketball player
Axel Hilgenstöhler (born 1975), German record producer, mixing engineer and guitarist
Axel Hirsoux (born 1982), Belgian singer
Axel Høeg-Hansen (1877-1947), Danish architect
Axel Högel (1884–1970), Swedish actor
Axel Höjer (1890-1974), Swedish physician
Axel Holmström (1881–1947), Swedish anarchist
Axel Holmström (born 1996), Swedish ice hockey player
Axel Holst (1860–1931), Norwegian physician and professor of hygiene and bacteriology
Axel Honneth (born 1949), German philosopher, theorist and professor
Axel Horn (1913–2001), American artist
Axel Hultgren (1886–1974), Swedish metallurgist
Axel Hütte (born 1951), German photographer

Axel Ingwersen (18??–19??), Danish sailor

Axel Jang (born 1968), German bobsledder
Axel Janse (1888–1973), Swedish gymnast
Axel Jansson (1882–1909), Swedish sport shooter
Axel Jansson (1916–1968), Swedish politician
Axel Jensen (1899–1968), Danish long-distance runner
Axel Jensen (1932–2003), Norwegian author
Axel P. Jensen (1885–1972), Danish landscape painter

Axel Kacou (born 1995), Ivorian-French footballer
Axel Kahn (1944–2021), French scientist and geneticist
Axel Kassegger (born 1966), Austrian politician
Axel Keller (born 1977), German footballer
Axel Kicillof (born 1971), Argentine economist and politician
Axel Kielland (1907–1963), journalist and playwright
Axel Klinckowström (1867–1936), Swedish baron, zoologist, explorer, fiction writer and memoirist
Axel Kober (born 1970), German conductor
Axel Kock (1851–1935), Swedish philologist and professor of Scandinavian languages
Axel Koenders (born 1959), Dutch triathlete
Axel Köhler (born 1959), German countertenor and opera director
Axel Kolle (born 1973), Norwegian footballer
Axel Cédric Konan (born 1983), Ivorian footballer
Axel van der Kraan (born 1949), Dutch sculptor
Axel Krause (born 1958), German painter and graphic artist
Axel Kristiansson (1914–1999), Swedish politician
Axel Kruse (born 1967), German footballer
Axel Kühn (born 1967), German bobsledder
Axel Kurck (1555-1630), Finnish warlord
Axel van Lamsweerde (born 1947), Belgian computer scientist and professor

Axel Lapp (born 1966), German curator, art historian and publisher
Axel Larsson (1901–1984), Swedish wrestler
Axel Lawarée (born 1973), Belgian footballer
Axel Leijonhufvud (born 1933), Swedish economist and professor
Axel Lerche (1903–1949), Danish sports shooter
Axel Lesser (born 1946), German cross country skier
Axel Lewenhaupt (born 1917), Swedish diplomat
Axel Liebmann (1849–1876), Danish composer
Axel Lille (1848–1921), Finnish journalist and politician
Axel Lillie (1603–1662), Swedish soldier and politician
Axel Lindahl (1841–1906), Swedish photographer
Axel Lindstrom (1895-1940), Swedish baseball player
Axel Ljung (1884–1938), Swedish gymnast and track and field athlete
Axel Ljungdahl (1897–1995), Swedish Air Force general
Aksel Lund Svindal, Norwegian alpine ski racer
Axel Fredrik Londen (1859–1928), Finnish sports shooter
Axel Louissaint (born 1996), Swiss basketball player
Axel Løvenskiold (1912–1980), Norwegian landowner and painter
Axel Löwen (1686–1773), Swedish nobleman and military officer

Axel Mackenrott (born 1969), German heavy metal keyboardist (Masterplam)
Axel Madsen (1930–2007), Danish-born American biographer and journalist
Axel Malmgren (1857-1901), Swedish artist
Axel Maraval (born 1993), French footballer
Axel Matus (born 1998), Mexican racing driver
Axel Maurer (1866–1925),Norwegian stagewriter, editor and theatre director
Axel Maußen (born 1968), German Roman Catholic priest
Axel Médéric (born 1970), French figure skater
Axel Merckx (born 1972), Belgian cyclist
Axel Méyé (born 1995), Gabonese footballer
Axel Meyer (born 1960), German evolutionary biologist and professor of zoology
Axel Michon (born 1990), French tennis player
Axel Michaels (born 1949), German professor of classical Indology and religious studies
Axel Milberg (born 1956), German actor
Axel Miller (born 1965), Belgian businessman
Axel Möller (1830–1896), Swedish astronomer
Axel Otto Mörner (1774–1852), Swedish artist and military general
Axel Mowat (1592–1661), Norwegian naval officer and land owner
Axel Müller (disambiguation), several people
Axel Munthe (1857–1949), Swedish physician and psychiatrist
Axel Murswieck (born 19??), German political scientist, commentator and professor

Axel Neff (born 1984), American businessman
Axel Nepraunik (born 1945), Austrian sprinter
Axel Neumann (born 1952), German footballer
Axel Ngando (born 1993), French footballer
Axel Nielsen (1902–1970), Danish astronomer
Axel Noack (born 1961), German race walker
Axel Nordgren (1828-1888), Swedish painter
Axel Nordlander (1879–1962), Swedish military officer and equestrian
Axel Norling (1884–1964), Swedish gymnast, diver, and tug of war competitor
Axel Otto Normann (1884–1962), Norwegian journalist, newspaper editor, theatre critic and theatre director

Axel Oberwelland (born 1966), German businessman
Axel Ockenfels (born 1969), German economist and professor
Axel Odelberg (1873-1950), Swedish chemical engineer
Axel Ohlin (1867–1903), Swedish zoologist and Arctic and Antarctic explorer
Axel Olrik (1864–1917), Danish folklorist and scholar of medieval historiography
Axel Orrström (born 1986), Finnish footballer
Axel Ottosson (born 1996), Swedish ice hockey player
Axel Oxenstierna (1583–1654) Swedish statesman

Axel Palmgren (1867-1939), Finnish lawyer, civil servant, business executive and politician
Axel Paulsen (1855–1938), Norwegian figure skater and speed skater
Axel Pehrsson-Bramstorp (1883–1954), Swedish politician and former Prime Minister of SwedenAxel Rudi Pell (born 1960), German heavy metal guitarist
Axel Perneczky (1945–2009), Hungarian neurosurgeon
Axel Persson (1888–1955), Swedish cyclist
Axel W. Persson (1888–1951), Swedish archaeologist
Axel Peschel (born 1942), German cyclist
Axel Petersen (1880–1962) Danish track and field athlete
Axel Petersen (1887–1968), Danish footballer
Axel Jacob Petersson (1834–1884), Swedish-Norwegian structural engineer and inventor
Axel Petersson Döderhultarn (1868–1925), Swedish wood carver
Axel Pilmark (1925–2009), Danish footballer
Axel Poignant (1906–1986), Australian photographer
Axel Poniatowski (born 1951), French politician
Axel Pons (born 1991), Spanish Grand Prix motorcycle racer and model
Axel Poulsen (1887–1972), Danish sculptor
Axel Prahl (born 1960), German actor
Axel Preisler (1871–1930), Danish architect
Axel Pretzsch (born 1976), German tennis player
Axel Proet Høst (1907–1985), Norwegian sports official

Axel Rappe (1838–1918), Swedish Army general
Axel Rappe (1884–1945), Swedish Army major general
Axel Rauschenbach (born 1967), German pair skater
Axel de Reuterskiöld (1860–1937), Swedish Baron and philatelist
Axel Revold (1887–1962), Norwegian painter, illustrator and art professor
Axel Reymond (born 1994), French marathon swimmer
Axel Ripke (1880–1937), German journalist and politician
Axel Rodrigues de Arruda (born 1970), Brazilian footballer
Axel Romdahl (18801951), Swedish art historian and museum curator
Axel Roos (born 1964), German footballer and coach
Axl Rose (born 1962), Lead vocalist of the American hard rock band Guns N’ Roses
Axel Rosenkrantz (1670–1723), Norwegian landowner and baron
Axel Roth (born 1936), German-born American NASA engineer
Axel Rubbestad (1888-1961), Swedish politician
Axel Runström (1883–1943), Swedish water polo player and diver
Axel Ryding (1831–1897), Swedish Army lieutenant general

Axel Salzmann (born 1950), German pair skater
Axel Seeberg (1931–2011), Norwegian archaeologist
Axel Siefer (born 1950), German actor
Axel Simonsen (1887–1938), Norwegian long-distance runner
Axel Sjöberg (born 1991), Swedish footballer
Axel Sjöblad (born 1967), Swedish handball player
Axel Sjöblom (1882–1951), Swedish gymnast
Axel Skovgaard (1875–19??), Danish-born American violinist
Axel Smeets (born 1974), Belgian footballer and manager
Axel Smith (1744–1823), Norwegian priest and topographer
Axel Smith (chess player) (born 1986), Swedish chess player
Axel Christian Rosenkrantz Smith [no] (1856–1935), Norwegian parliamentary representative
Axel Sømme (1899–1991), Norwegian geographer, political activist, magazine and newspaper editor
Axel Springer (1912–1985), German publisher
Axel Ståhle (1891–1987), Swedish Army officer and equestrian
Axel Stawski (born 1950), American real estate developer and investor
Axel Stein (born 1982), German actor
Axel Stoll (1948–2014), German geophysicist and conspiracy theorist
Axel Stordahl (1913–1963), American composer and arranger
Axel Strand (1893–1983), Swedish trade union organizer
Axel Strauss (born 19??), German violinist music professor
Axel Strøbye (1928–2005), Danish actor
Axel Strøm (1901–1985), Norwegian physician
Axel Sundermann (born 1968), German former footballer
Axel Sundquist (1867–1910), American sailor
Axel Svendsen (1912–1995), Danish canoeist
Axel Sveinsson (1896-1957), Icelandic civil engineer

Axel Tallberg (1860–1928), Swedish visual artist and engraver
Axel Teichmann (born 1979), German cross-country skier
Axel Tetens (1892–1961), Danish wrestler
Axel Thallaug (1866–1938), Norwegian lawyer and politician
Axel Thayssen (1885–1952), Danish tennis player
Axel Tony (born 1984), French singer
Axel Törneman (1880–1925), Swedish painter
Axel Toupane (born 1992), French basketball player
Axel Troost (born 1954), German economist and politician
Axel Tuanzebe (born 1997), Congolese-born British footballer

Axel Ullrich (born 1943), German biologist, oncologist and cancer researcher
Axel Urup (1601–1671), Danish military engineer and commander and judge

Axel Vennersten (1863–1948), Swedish politician
Axel Villanueva (born 1989), Nicaraguan footballer
Axel Vogt (1849–1921), American railroad mechanical engineer
Axel Voss (born 1963), German politician

Axel Wachtmeister, Count of Mälsåker (1643–1699), Swedish count and field marshal
Axel Wahlstedt (1867–1943), Swedish sports shooter
Axel Wallengren (1865–1896), Swedish author, poet, and journalist
Axel A. Weber (born 1957), German economist, professor and banker
Axel Weber (1954–2001), German pole vaulter
Axel Wegner (born 1963), German sports shooter
Axel Welin (1862–1951), Swedish inventor and industrialist
Axel Wenner-Gren (1881–1961), Swedish entrepreneur
Axel Werner (born 1996), Argentine footballer
Axel Westermark (1875–1911), American sailor
Axel Wibrån (born 1985), Swedish footballer
Axel Wieandt (born 1966), German businessman
Axel Wikström (1907–1976), Swedish cross-country skier
Axel Williams (born 1983), Tahitian footballer
Axel Willner (aka The Field, born 19??), Swedish electronic music
Axel Witsel (born 1989), Belgian footballer
Axel Wittke (born 1960), German footballer

Axel Zeebroek (born 1978), Belgian triathlete
Axel Zitzmann (born 1959), German ski jumper
Axel Zwingenberger (born 1955), German blues and boogie-woogie pianist

You can find the Meaning, Origin, Personality Traits, Horoscope, and detailed information about the name Axel here.


Final Thoughts From TheBiranchi:

Naming a baby is so hard but it is an important decision you have to make as a parent. It can be fun, but the responsibility of naming another human being can make it a bit intimidating. After all, your child will carry that name throughout their life.

Read through this article again to choose the best middle name for Axel. You can also choose from the list of Most Popular People named Axel.

Feel free to share this article with your family & friends so that they can learn too.




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