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100 Perfect Middle Names For Ellie [Catchy & Cool]

TheBiranchi Team has collected a new list of the Top 100 most perfect middle names for Ellie, which might sound perfect for your newborn.

In this article, you will get to know the meaning, gender, and origin of the name Ellie. Also, we have arranged a list of the best middle names for Ellie, and a comprehensive list of the Most Famous People Named Ellie.

Ellie: Meaning & Origin

100 Best Middle Names For Ellie

Are you looking for a perfect middle name for Ellie? Check out these awesome middle names:

  1. Ellie Aaliyah
  2. Ellie Adaline
  3. Ellie Alayah
  4. Ellie Alexis
  5. Ellie Alivia
  6. Ellie Allison
  7. Ellie Amina
  8. Ellie Amora
  9. Ellie Andrea
  10. Ellie Anne
  11. Ellie Arielle
  12. Ellie Aspen
  13. Ellie Athena
  14. Ellie Autumn
  15. Ellie Blair
  16. Ellie Brianna
  17. Ellie Brielle
  18. Ellie Bristol
  19. Ellie Brooklyn
  20. Ellie Brynn
  21. Ellie Camila
  22. Ellie Carmen
  23. Ellie Caroline
  24. Ellie Catherine
  25. Ellie Charlotte
  26. Ellie Claire
  27. Ellie Dakota
  28. Ellie Daniella
  29. Ellie Diana
  30. Ellie Dream
  31. Ellie Elaine
  32. Ellie Elise
  33. Ellie Ember
  34. Ellie Evelynn
  35. Ellie Faith
  36. Ellie Frances
  37. Ellie Gabrielle
  38. Ellie Genesis
  39. Ellie Gianna
  40. Ellie Grace
  41. Ellie Harlow
  42. Ellie Harper
  43. Ellie Haven
  44. Ellie Hazel
  45. Ellie Hope
  46. Ellie Iris
  47. Ellie Isabelle
  48. Ellie Jade
  49. Ellie Jane
  50. Ellie Jasmine
  51. Ellie Joanna
  52. Ellie Jocelyn
  53. Ellie Josephine
  54. Ellie Joy
  55. Ellie June
  56. Ellie Kamila
  57. Ellie Kate
  58. Ellie Keira
  59. Ellie Kora
  60. Ellie Laura
  61. Ellie Leighton
  62. Ellie Lena
  63. Ellie Leona
  64. Ellie Lilah
  65. Ellie Lillian
  66. Ellie Lucille
  67. Ellie Mackenzie
  68. Ellie Madeline
  69. Ellie Madison
  70. Ellie Maia
  71. Ellie Makayla
  72. Ellie Maren
  73. Ellie Margaret
  74. Ellie Michelle
  75. Ellie Morgan
  76. Ellie Nevaeh
  77. Ellie Nicole
  78. Ellie Oaklynn
  79. Ellie Olivia
  80. Ellie Paige
  81. Ellie Peyton
  82. Ellie Quinn
  83. Ellie Rachelle
  84. Ellie Reagan
  85. Ellie Rebecca
  86. Ellie River
  87. Ellie Rosalie
  88. Ellie Ruth
  89. Ellie Sage
  90. Ellie Sarai
  91. Ellie Scarlet
  92. Ellie Serenity
  93. Ellie Tatum
  94. Ellie Teagan
  95. Ellie Vanessa
  96. Ellie Victoria
  97. Ellie Vivan
  98. Ellie Willow
  99. Ellie Wren
  100. Ellie Zara

Nicknames For Ellie

Nicknames are a great way to show your newborn you love them. Here are a few of the most popular Ellie nicknames:

  • Bumble Bee
  • Lardy
  • Roo
  • Assassin
  • Dip Ellie
  • Angel
  • Ellie Bellie
  • Mary
  • Trinidad
  • Ellieie
  • Ellie Hair
  • Sweet Elliee
  • Ellie Bomb
  • Apollo
  • Elmi
  • Ellie Kin
  • Peaches
  • Sis Ellie
  • Coco
  • Joshian
  • El
  • Ellie Dork
  • Rusty
  • Ellipop
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Elephant
  • Ellie The Urbana
  • Ellie Vane
  • Ellie Ellie
  • Madonna
  • Elliebelle
  • Flame
  • Ellie Fellow
  • Nankeen
  • Big Birdy
  • Belly
  • El Bel
  • Dennis Rodman
  • Murcurry
  • Lousia
  • Ellie-Sweetie
  • Mathew
  • Bab

Names Similar to Ellie

Check out these similar-sounding names list to discover more names that are similar to Ellie.

  • Abby
  • Anna
  • Annabelle
  • Annie
  • Ava
  • Bella
  • Belle
  • Callie
  • Chelsie
  • Chloe
  • Daisy
  • Donna
  • Ella
  • Elle
  • Emily
  • Emma
  • Evie
  • Felicity
  • Georgie
  • Grace
  • Holly
  • Ivy
  • Josie
  • Kate
  • Katie
  • Lexi
  • Lily
  • Lucy
  • Maddie
  • Maggie
  • Mary
  • Millie
  • Molly
  • Natalie
  • Olivia
  • Paisley
  • Phoebe
  • Remi
  • Riley
  • Sophie
  • Tori
  • Vicky
  • Zoe
  • Zuri

Most Famous People Named Ellie

Our names have the potential to influence our behavior, physical appearance, career path and life choices, popularity, and how others perceive us.  If a child has a story behind his name, it can motivate him to be like his namesake and to emulate that person’s good qualities.

Go through the list of popular personalities named Ellie:

Elly Ameling (born 1933), Dutch soprano
Elly Appel-Vessies (born 1952), Dutch tennis player
Ellie Bamber (born 1997), English actress
Ellie Beaven (born 1980), English actress
Elly Beinhorn (1907–2007), German pilot
Ellie Black (born 1995), Canadian artistic gymnast
Ellie Blackburn (born 1995), Australian rules footballer
Elly Blanksma-van den Heuvel (born 1959), Dutch politician
Elly Botbijl (born 1940), Dutch fencer
Ellie Brazil (born 1999), English association footballer
Ellie van den Brom (born 1949), Dutch speed skater
Ellie Brush (born 1988), Australian association footballer
Ellie Cachette (born 1985), American technology executive, activist and author
Ellie Campbell, a British singer
Ellie Carpenter (born 2000), Australian footballer
Ellie Cole (born 1991), Australian Paralympic swimmer and wheelchair basketball player
Ellie Cornell (born 1963), American actress and movie producer
Ellie Crisell (born 1976), British journalist and television presenter
Ellie Crowe, author
Ellie Curson (born 1994), Welsh footballer
Elly Dammers (1921–2009), Dutch javelin thrower
Ellie Daniel (born 1950), American swimmer
Ellie Darcey-Alden (born 1999), English actress
Elly Dekker (born 1943), Dutch physicist and museum curator
Ellie Downie (born 1999), British artistic gymnast
Ellie Drennan (born 1998), Australian singer-songwriter, youngest winner of The Voice Australia
Ellie Emberson, British Labour Party councillor
Ellie Goulding (born 1986), British singer, songwriter and musician
Ellie Greenwich (1940–2009), American pop singer, songwriter and record producer
Ellie Greenwood (born 1979), British ultramarathon runner
Elly Griffiths (born 1963), British author
Elly Gross (born 1929), Jewish Holocaust survivor and author
Ellie Guggenheimer (1912–2008), American civic leader, author and philanthropist
Elly Hakami (born 1969), American tennis player
Elly Haney (1931–1999), American feminist theologian and community activist
Ellie Harrison (artist) (born 1979), British artist
Ellie Harrison (journalist) (born 1977), British journalist and presenter best known for her television wildlife work
Elly Heuss-Knapp (1881–1952), German politician, social reformer, author and wife of German president Theodor Heuss
Ellie Hill (born 1975), American politician
Elly van Hulst (born 1959), Dutch middle-distance runner
Ellie Jackson (1825–1854), first wife of Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson
Elly Jackson (born 1988), British singer, songwriter and the sole member of La Roux, a former synthpop duo
Ellie Jokar [da] (born 1980), Danish rapper, comedian and actress sometimes credited as simply “Ellie”
Ellie Kanner, American film and television director
Ellie Kawamura (born 1993), American figure skater
Ellie Kemper (born 1980), American actress, comedian and writer
Ellie Kendrick (born 1990), British actress
Ellie Kinnaird (born 1931), North Carolina politician
Elli Kokkinou (born 1970), Greek singer
Elly Koot (born 1943), Dutch model, Miss Europe 1964
Elly Kouwenhoven (born 1949), Dutch author and politician
Ellie Krieger (born 1965), American nutritionist, author and host of the television show Healthy Appetite
Ellie Lambeti (1926–1983), Greek actress
Elly Lieber (born 1932), Austrian luger, 1959 world champion
Elly Ney (1882–1968), German romantic pianist
Elly M. Peterson (1914–2008), American politician
Ellie Moon, Canadian actor and playwright
Elly Plooij-van Gorsel (born 1947), Dutch politician
Ellie Roebuck (born 1991), English association footballer
Ellie Simmonds (born 1994), British Paralympic swimmer
Ellie Soutter (2000–2018), British snowboarder
Elli Stai (born 1954), Greek journalist and TV presenter
Elly Stone (born 1927), American singer and actress
Ellie Taylor (born 1983/1984), English comedian
Elly de Waard (born 1940), Dutch poet
Ellie Watton (born 1989), British field hockey player
Elly Winter (1898–1987), German communist and political activist
Elly Yunara (1923–1992), Indonesian film

You can find the Meaning, Origin, Personality Traits, Horoscope, and detailed information about the name Ellie here.

Final Thoughts From TheBiranchi:

Naming a baby is so hard but it is an important decision you have to make as a parent. It can be fun, but the responsibility of naming another human being can make it a bit intimidating. After all, your child will carry that name throughout their life.

Read through this article again to choose the best middle name for Ellie. You can also choose from the list of Most Popular People named Ellie.

Feel free to share this article with your family & friends so that they can learn too.

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