100 Perfect Middle Names For Gavin [Catchy & Cool]

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TheBiranchi Team has collected a new list of the Top 100 most perfect middle names for Gavinwhich might sound perfect for your newborn.

In this article, you will get to know the meaning, gender, and origin of the name Gavin. Also, we have arranged a list of the best middle names for Gavin, and a comprehensive list of the Most Famous People Named Gavin.


Gavin: Meaning & Origin

Gavin means – White Hawk

Gavin gender – Masculine

Gavin origin – Scotland

You can find the Meaning, Origin, Personality Traits, Horoscope, and detailed information about the name Gavin here.


100 Best Middle Names For Gavin

Are you looking for a perfect middle name for Gavin? Check out these awesome middle names:

Gavin Abel

Gavin Abraham

Gavin Abram

Gavin Ace

Gavin Alex

Gavin Alexis

Gavin Alfredo

Gavin Ali

Gavin Alijah

Gavin Bentley

Gavin Bishop

Gavin Bjorn

Gavin Blaine

Gavin Case

Gavin Casey

Gavin Castiel

Gavin Cecil

Gavin Dash

Gavin Davian

Gavin Davis

Gavin Dax

Gavin Everest

Gavin Everett

Gavin Ezekiel

Gavin Ezra

Gavin Felix

Gavin Finley

Gavin Finn

Gavin Fisher

Gavin Gerald

Gavin Graham

Gavin Gregory

Gavin Grey

Gavin Harry

Gavin Hayes

Gavin Heath

Gavin Hendrix

Gavin Ira

Gavin Isaac

Gavin Isaiah

Gavin Ismael

Gavin Jase

Gavin Javier

Gavin Jax

Gavin Jay

Gavin King

Gavin Kingsley

Gavin Kingston

Gavin Kirk

Gavin Lee

Gavin Legacy

Gavin Leif

Gavin Lennox

Gavin Micah

Gavin Michael

Gavin Miguel

Gavin Miles

Gavin Nico

Gavin Nikolai

Gavin Noah

Gavin Noel

Gavin Oliver

Gavin Ollie

Gavin Omar

Gavin Onyx

Gavin Phoenix

Gavin Pierce

Gavin Pierre

Gavin Porter

Gavin Quincy

Gavin Quinn

Gavin Quinton

Gavin Rhys

Gavin Richard

Gavin Ridge

Gavin Riggs

Gavin Salem

Gavin Samuel

Gavin Santos

Gavin Saul

Gavin Troy

Gavin Tru

Gavin Truett

Gavin Tucker

Gavin Uriah

Gavin Uriel

Gavin Van

Gavin Vance

Gavin Victor

Gavin Vincent

Gavin Wes

Gavin Wesley

Gavin Wilder

Gavin Will

Gavin Xavier

Gavin Yosef

Gavin Zachary

Gavin Zaid

Gavin Zaire

Gavin Zane



Nicknames For Gavin

Nicknames are a great way to show your newborn you love them. Here are a few of the most popular Gavin nicknames:







Names Similar to Gavin

Check out these similar-sounding names list to discover more names that are similar to Gavin.























Most Famous People Named Gael

Our names have the potential to influence our behavior, physical appearance, career path and life choices, popularity, and how others perceive us.  If a child has a story behind his name, it can motivate him to be like his namesake and to emulate that person’s good qualities.

Go through the list of popular personalities named Gavin:

Saint Gavin of Porto Torres (died around 300) early Christian martyr in Sardinia
Saint Gavin of Rome (died 296) early Christian martyr in Rome, father of Saint Susanna and brother of Pope Caius
Gavin Affleck (born 1958), Canadian architect
Gavin Allen (born 1965), Australian rugby league player
Gavin Andresen, American software developer
Gavin Annandale (born 1989), South African rugby union player
Gavin Arroyo (born 1972), American water polo player
Gavin Arthur (1901–1972), American astrologer and sexologist
Gavin Ashenden (born 1954), English Anglican priest
Gavin Astor, 2nd Baron Astor of Hever (1918–1984), English soldier, publisher and peer
Gavin Baddeley (born 1966), British journalist
Gavin Badger, Australian rugby league referee
Gavin Baker (born 1988), English cricketer
Gavin Barwell (born 1972), British politician
Gavin Bayes (born 1965), Australian rules footballer
Gavin Becker (born 1999), American singer-songwriter and actor
Gavin Beith (born 1981), Scottish footballer
Gavin Bellis (born 1973), Australian Paralympic rower
Gavin Bennion (born 1993), British rugby league player
Gavin Bishop (born 1946), New Zealand writer and illustrator
Gavin Blackburn, Scottish rugby union player
Gavin Bland (born 1971), British fell runner
Gavin Blyth (1969–2010), British television producer and journalist
Gavin Bone (born 1964), English writer
Gavin Bornholdt (1947–2011), New Zealand sailor
Gavin Bradley, Canadian singer-songwriter and producer
Gavin Brady (born 1973), New Zealand sailor
Gavin Brennan (born 1988), Irish footballer
Gavin Briant (born 1969), Zimbabwean cricketer
Gavin Broder, Irish rabbi
Gavin Brown (disambiguation), multiple people
Gavin Bryars (born 1943), English composer and double bassist
Gavin Buckley (born 1963), Australian-American politician
Gavin Butt (born 1967), English writer and academic
Gavin Byram (born 1974), English cricketer
Gavin Cadwallader (born 1986), English footballer
Gavin Caines (born 1983), English footballer
Gavin Campbell (disambiguation), multiple people
Gavin Carr, British conductor and opera singer
Gavin Carragher (born 1933), Australian sprinter
Gavin Castleton, American musician
Gavin Cattle (born 1980), Welsh rugby union player
Gavin Cecchini (born 1993), American baseball player
Gavin Christie (born 1981), Bahamanian footballer
Gavin Christopher (1949–2016), American singer and musician
Gavin Clark (1969–2015), English singer-songwriter and musician
Gavin Claxton (born 1966), English television producer, screenwriter and director
Gavin Clinch (born 1974), Australian rugby league player
Gavin Coles (born 1968), Australian golfer
Gavin Collins (born 1966), British Anglican bishop
Gavin Coombes (born 1997), Irish rugby union player
Gavin Cooper (born 1985), Australian rugby league player
Gavin Cowan (disambiguation), multiple people
Gavin Crawford (born 1971), Canadian comedian and actor
Gavin Crawford (footballer) (1869–1955), Scottish footballer
Gavin Creel (born 1976), American actor, singer and songwriter
Gavin Cronje (born 1979), South African racing driver
Gavin E. Crooks, English chemist
Gavin Crosisca (born 1968), Australian rules footballer
Gavin Dacey (born 1984), Welsh rugby union player
Gavin Dalzell, 2nd Earl of Carnwath (1627−1674), Scottish nobleman
Gavin Davis (born 1977), South African politician
Gavin D’Costa (born 1958), British Roman Catholic theologian
Gavin DeBartolo (born 1982), Australian rugby union player
Gavin de Becker (born 1954), American writer
Gavin de Beer (1899–1972), British evolutionary embryologist
Gavin DeGraw (born 1977), American singer-songwriter and musician
Gavin Deas, pseudonymous Scottish writer
Gavin Dein, British businessman
Gavin Delahunty, Irish curator
Gavin Devlin, Gaelic footballer
Gavin Geoffrey Dillard (born 1954), American poet and songwriter
Gavin Dodd, English rugby league player
Gavin Douglas (c. 1474–1522), Scottish bishop, makar and translator
Gavin Downie (1924–1998), New Zealand politician
Gavin Duffy (disambiguation), multiple people
Gavin Dunbar (disambiguation), multiple people
Gavin Edwards (disambiguation), multiple people
Gavin Escobar (1991–2022), American football player
Gavin Esler (born 1953), Scottish journalist, television presenter and writer
Gavin Evans (born 1984), Welsh rugby union player
Gavin Ewart (1916–1995), British poet
Gavin Ewing (born 1981), Zimbabwean cricketer
Gavin Exell (born 1962), Australian rules footballer
Gavin Extence (born 1982), English writer
Gavin F. Gardner (1848–1919), Australian stockbroker
Gavin Fernandes, Canadian re-recording mixer
Gavin Ferreira, Indian field hockey player
Gavin Fingleson (born 1976), South African-born Australian baseball player
Gavin Fink (born 1992), American actor
Gavin Fisher (born 1964), British mechanical engineer
Gavin Fleming (1826–1890), Canadian merchant and politician
Gavin Fletcher (born 1941), Scottish footballer
Gavin Flood (born 1954), British Hindu studies scholar
Gavin Floyd (born 1983), American baseball player
Gavin Forsyth (born 1969), English alpine skier
Gavin Fox (disambiguation), multiple people
Gavin Francis (born 1975), Scottish physician and writer
Gavin Franklin (born 1978), English cricketer
Gavin Fraser (born 1972), English-born Scottish rugby union player
Gavin Free (born 1988), English actor, filmmaker, cinematographer, and internet personality
Gavin Friday (born 1959), Irish singer-songwriter and musician
Gavin Friels (born 1977), Scottish footballer
Gavin Frost (1930–2016), English Wiccan
Gavin Fryer, British philatelist
Gavin George (born 2003), American classical pianist
Gavin Gibb (c.1750 – 1831), Scottish minister
Gavin Glinton (born 1979), Turks and Caicos Islands footballer
Gavin Gordon (disambiguation), multiple people
Gavin L. Graham (1894–1963), South African World War I flying ace
Gavin Grant (disambiguation), multiple people
Gavin Green (born 1993), Malaysian golfer
Gavin Greenaway (born 1964), English film score composer
Gavin Greenlees (1930–1983), Australian poet
Gavin Greig (1856–1914), Scottish folk song collector, playwright and teacher
Gavin Griffin (born 1981), American poker player
Gavin Griffin (footballer) (born 1993), Scottish footballer
Gavin Griffiths (born 1993), English cricketer
Gavin Gunning (born 1991), Irish footballer
Gavin Hadley, Hong Kong rugby union player
Gavin Hamilton (disambiguation), multiple people
Gavin Hanrahan (born 1965), Australian rugby union player
Gavin Harding (born 1974), British politician and academic
Gavin Hardkiss (born 1968), South African musician
Gavin Harper (born 1986), British writer
Gavin Harrison (born 1963), British musician
Gavin Hassett (born 1973), Canadian rower
Gavin Hastings (born 1962), Scottish rugby union player
Gavin Haynes (born 1969), English cricketer
Gavin Heeroo (born 1984), English footballer
Gavin Heffernan (born 1980), Canadian filmmaker
Gavin Henderson (born 1948), English arts administrator, conductor and trumpeter
Gavin Henderson, 2nd Baron Faringdon (1902–1977), British politician
Gavin Henson (born 1982), Welsh rugby union player
Gavin Heslop (born 1997), American football player
Gavin Hewitt (born 1951), British journalist
Gavin Hickie (born 1980), Irish rugby union player and coach
Gavin Hill (born 1965), New Zealand rugby union and league player
Gavin Hipkins (born 1968), New Zealand photographer
Gavin Hitchings (born 1937), New Zealand jeweller
Gavin Hoare (1934–1992), Australian rules footballer
Gavin Holligan (born 1980), English footballer
Gavin Hood (born 1963), South African film director
Gavin Hoover (born 1997), American cyclist
Gavin Houston (born 1977), American actor
Gavin Hoyte (born 1990), English footballer
Laurel Hubbard (born 1978), transgender weightlifter formerly known as Gavin Hubbard
Gavin Hume (born 1980), South African rugby union player
Gavin Hunt (born 1964), South African footballer and manager
Gavin Hyman, British theologian
Gavin James (disambiguation), multiple people
Gavin Jantjes (born 1948), South African painter, curator, writer and lecturer
Gavin Jarvie (1879–?), Scottish footballer
Gavin Jeanne, Seychellois football manager
Gavin Jennings (born 1957), Australian politician
Gavin Johnson (disambiguation), multiple people
Gavin Wildridge Johnstone (1941–1987), Australian ornithologist
Gavin Jones (disambiguation), multiple people
Gavin Kaysen (born 1979), American chef
Gavin Keane (born 1966), Australian rules footballer
Gavin Kelly (born 1968), English footballer
Gavin Keneally, Australian politician
Gavin Kerr (born 1977), English rugby union player
Gavin King (born 1979), Australian journalist
Gavin Kirk (ice hockey) (born 1951), Canadian ice hockey player
Gavin Kirk (priest), British Anglican priest
Gavin Kitching, British writer and academic
Gavin Koppell, musician
Gavin Kwan (born 1996), Indonesian footballer
Gavin I. Langmuir (1924–2005), Canadian historian
Gavin Lackey (born 1968), Australian modern pentathlete
Gavin Laird (1933–2017), Scottish trade unionist
Gavin Lambert (1924–2005), English writer
Gavin Lane (born 1966), South African footballer
Gavin Lang (1926–1989), Scottish footballer
Gavin Larsen (born 1962), New Zealand cricketer
Gavin Lawless (born 1970), South African rugby union player
Gavin Le Sueur (born 1959), Australian sailing adventurer, doctor and writer
Gavin Lee (born 1971), English actor
Gavin Lester (born 1977), Australian rugby league player
Gavin Lewis (born 2003), American actor
Gavin Liddle (born 1963), English footballer
Gavin Lightman (born 1939), English judge
Gavin Lindsay (born 1929), Canadian ice hockey player
Gavin Long (1901–1968), Australian journalist and military historian
Gavin Eugene Long, American triple murderer
Gavin Love (born 1978), British basketball player and coach
Gavin Lovegrove (born 1967), New Zealand javelin thrower
Gavin Lowe (born 1995), Scottish rugby union player
Gavin Lowe (computer scientist), British academic
Gavin Lurssen, American audio engineer
Gavin Lyall (1932–2003), English writer
Gavin Lynch (born 1985), English footballer
Gavin MacFadyen (1940–2016), American investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker
Gavin MacIntosh (born 1999), American actor
Gavin MacKenzie (born 1952), Canadian lawyer
Gavin MacKenzie (sociologist) (1942–2001), British political scientist and sociologist
Gavin MacLeod (1931–2021), American actor
Gavin MacLeod (football) (born 1983), Scottish footballer and manager
Gavin MacPherson, South African pair skater
Gavin Maguire (born 1967), English-born Welsh footballer
Gavin Mahon (born 1977), English footballer
Gavin Main (born 1995), Scottish cricketer
Gavin Mannion (born 1991), American cyclist
Gavin Marguerite, French rugby league player
Gavin Marshall (born 1960), Australian politician
Gavin Massey (born 1992), English footballer
Gavin Maxwell (1914–1969), Scottish naturalist and writer
Gavin Maxwell (canoeist) (born 1970), Canadian sprint canoeist
Gavin McCallum (born 1987), Canadian soccer player
Gavin McCann (born 1978), English footballer
Gavin McClurg (born 1972), American paragliding pilot and sailor
Gavin McCoy, British radio personality
Gavin McDonnell (born 1986), English boxer
Gavin McGowan (born 1976), English footballer
Gavin McInnes (born 1970), Canadian writer, actor, comedian and co-founder of Vice Media
Gavin McLean (born 1965), New Zealand fencer
Gavin McMahon (born 1975), Australian rules footballer
Gavin Meadows (born 1977), English swimmer
Gavin Menzies (born 1937), English pseudohistorian
Gavin Mikhail (born 1975), American musician
Gavin Millar (born 1938), Scottish film director, critic and television presenter
Gavin Miller (born 1960), Australian rugby league player
Gavin Milroy (1805–1886), Scottish physician and medical writer
Gavin Mitchell (disambiguation), multiple people
Gavin Mogopa (born 1996), Botswana judoka
Gavin Morgan (born 1976), Canadian ice hockey player
Gavin Morgan (footballer) (1911–1991), Australian rules footballer
Gavin Morris (born 1998), South African cricketer
Gavin Morrison (born 1990), Scottish footballer
Gavin Mortimer, British writer and historian
Gavin Moynihan (born 1994), Irish golfer
Gavin Mudd, Australian academic
Gavin Muir (disambiguation), multiple people
Gavin Murgatroyd (born 1969), Namibian cricketer
Gavin Murray (born 1957), Scottish footballer and manager
Gavin Nebbeling (born 1963), South African footballer
Gavin Newlands (born 1980), Scottish politician
Gavin Newsom (born 1967), American politician and Governor of California
Gavin Nisbet, Scottish footballer
Gavin Noble (born 1981), Irish triathlete
Gavin Nolan (born 1977), Welsh painter
Gavin O’Brien (born 1993), Irish hurler
Gavin O’Connor (disambiguation), multiple people
Gavin Ó Fearraigh (born 1980), Irish actor, dancer and model
Gavin O’Keefe, Australian illustrator
Gavin O’Mahony (born 1987), Irish hurler
Gavin O’Reilly (born 1966), Irish businessman
Gavin O’Toole (born 1975), Irish footballer
Gavin Oliver (born 1962), English footballer
Gavin Packard (1964–2012), Indian actor
Gavin Parker, British Royal Air Force air marshal
Gavin Parsonage (born 1968), Australian cyclist
Gavin Patterson (born 1967), British chief executive
Gavin Peacock (born 1967), English footballer
Gavin Peers (born 1985), Irish footballer
Gavin Petrie, British writer
Gavin Pfitzner (born 1966), Australian tennis player
Gavin Pfuhl (1947–2002), South African cricketer
Gavin Plumley (born 1981), British writer and broadcaster
Gavin Polone, American film and television producer
Gavin Pretor-Pinney, British writer
Gavin Price (born 1974), Scottish footballer and manager
Gavin Price-Jones (born 1970), English rugby league player
Gavin Prout (born 1978), Canadian lacrosse player
Gavin Pyper (born 1979), Scottish racing driver
Gavin Quinn, Australian rugby league player
Gavin Quinnell (born 1983), Welsh rugby union player
Gavin Rae (born 1977), Scottish footballer and manager
Gavin Rain (born 1971), South African artist
Gavin Rajah, South African fashion designer
Gavin Ramjaun (born 1983), English journalist
Gavin Reddy (born 1996), South African cricketer
Gavin Rees (born 1980), Welsh footballer
Gavin Reid (born 1934), English Anglican bishop
Gavin Clydesdale Reid (born 1946), Scottish economist
Gavin Reilly (born 1993), Scottish footballer
Gavin Relly (1926–1999), South African businessman
Gavin Rennie (born 1976), Zimbabwean cricketer
Gavin Reynolds (born 1979), English cricketer
Gavin Richards (born 1946), English actor, writer and theatre director
Gavin Roberts (born 1984), Welsh rugby union player
Gavin Robertson (born 1966), Australian cricketer
Gavin Robinson (born 1984), Northern Ireland politician
Gavin Robinson (model agent) (1935–2002), South African model agent
Gavin Rose (born 1969), Australian rules footballer
Gavin Rossdale (born 1965), English singer-songwriter and musician
Gavin Rothery (born 1987), English footballer
Gavin Rothery Film director of Archive (film)
Gavin Rayna Russom (born 1974), American musician
Gavin Salam, theoretical particle physicist
Gavin Schilling (born 1995), German basketball player
Gavin Schmidt, British climatologist
Gavin Schmitt (born 1986), Canadian volleyball player
Gavin Scott (born 1950), English screenwriter
Gavin Scott (rugby union) (born 1974), Scottish rugby union player
Gavin Seager (born 1978), English racing driver
Gavin Seim (born 1985), American activist
Gavin Sheets (born 1996), American baseball player
Gavin Shephard (born 1971), English cricketer
Gavin Shoesmith, Australian singer-songwriter and musician
Gavin Short (born 1962), Falkland Islands politician
Gavin Shuker (born 1981), British politician
Gavin Sibayan (born 1981), American Paralympic soccer player
Gavin Simonds, 1st Viscount Simonds (1881–1971), British judge, politician and Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain
Gavin Singh (born 1987), Surinamese cricketer
Gavin Skelton (born 1981), English footballer, coach and manager
Gavin Smellie (born 1986), Jamaican-born Canadian sprinter
Gavin Smith (disambiguation), multiple people
Gavin Sontag (born 1977), American tennis player
Gavin Souter (born 1929), Australian journalist and historian
Gavin Spielman (born 1972), American painter and musician
Gavin St Pier (born 1967), Guernsey politician
Gavin Stamp (1948–2017), British writer and architectural historian
Gavin Stenhouse (born 1986), English actor
Gavin Stevens (born 1932), Australian cricketer
Gavin Stevens (cyclist) (born 1960), New Zealand cyclist
Gavin Stewart (born 1957), British rower
Gavin Strachan (born 1978), Scottish footballer
Gavin Strang (born 1943), Scottish politician
Gavin Sutherland (disambiguation), multiple people
Gavin Swan (born 1970), Australian cricketer
Gavin Swankie (born 1983), Scottish footballer
Gavin Taylor (c. 1942–2013), British film and television director
Gavin Templeton (born 1978), American jazz musician
Gavin Thomas (born 1977), Welsh rugby union player
Gavin Thompson, Australian rugby league player
Gavin Thorley (born 1947), New Zealand long-distance runner
Gavin Thornbury (born 1993), Irish rugby union player
Gavin Thorpe, English board game designer and writer
Gavin Thredgold (born 1961), Australian rowing coxswain and coach
Gavin Tomlin (born 1983), English footballer
Gavin Tonge (born 1983), Antigua and Barbuda cricketer
Gavin Trippe (born 1940), English motorcycle racing promoter, journalist, and publisher
Gavin Tucker (born 1986), Canadian mixed martial artist
Gavin Turek, American singer, songwriter, dancer and actress
Gavin Turk (born 1967), English artist
Gavin Urquhart (born 1988), Australian rules footballer
Gavin Verhey (born 1990), American Magic: The Gathering designer
Gavin Vernon (1926–2004), Scottish engineer
Gavin Vlijter (born 1997), Surinamese footballer
Gavin Wallace (born 1984), Jamaican cricketer
Gavin Walls (born 1980), American football player
Gavin Walsh (born 1965), Irish computer programmer and writer
Gavin Wanganeen (born 1973), Australian rules footballer
Gavin Ward (disambiguation), multiple people
Gavin Ware (born 1993), American basketball player
Gavin Webster (born 1969), English stand-up comedian
Gavin Weightman (born 1945), English journalist
Gavin Wheeldon (born 1976), British businessman
Gavin Whittaker (1970–2017), Australian rugby league player
Gavin Whyte (born 1996), Northern Ireland footballer
Gavin Wilkinson (born 1973), New Zealand footballer
Gavin Williams (disambiguation), multiple people
Gavin Williamson (born 1976), British politician for the Conservative party
Gavin Williamson (disambiguation), multiple people
Gavin Wolpert, Canadian-American bridge player
Gavin Wood (born 1980), British programmer and co-founder of Ethereum
Gavin Woods (disambiguation), multiple people
Gavin Worboys (born 1974), English footballer
Gavin Wright (born 1943), American historian
Gavin Yates, New Zealand Anglican clergyman
Gavin Young (1928–2001), British journalist and writer

You can find the Meaning, Origin, Personality Traits, Horoscope, and detailed information about the name Gavin here.


Final Thoughts From TheBiranchi:

Naming a baby is so hard but it is an important decision you have to make as a parent. It can be fun, but the responsibility of naming another human being can make it a bit intimidating. After all, your child will carry that name throughout their life.

Read through this article again to choose the best middle name for Gavin. You can also choose from the list of Most Popular People named Gavin.

Feel free to share this article with your family & friends so that they can learn too.


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