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100 Perfect Middle Names For Vera [Catchy & Cool]

TheBiranchi Team has collected a new list of the Top 100 most perfect middle names for Vera, which might sound perfect for your newborn.

In this article, you will get to know the meaning, gender, and origin of the name Vera. Also, we have arranged a list of the best middle names for Vera, and a comprehensive list of the Most Famous People Named Vera.

Vera: Meaning & Origin

100 Best Middle Names For Vera

Are you looking for a perfect middle name for Vera? Check out these awesome middle names:

  1. Vera Aaliyah
  2. Vera Addison
  3. Vera Alexis
  4. Vera Allison
  5. Vera Angeline
  6. Vera Annalise
  7. Vera Ariel
  8. Vera Audrey
  9. Vera Blake
  10. Vera Braelynn
  11. Vera Brielle
  12. Vera Brynn
  13. Vera Callie
  14. Vera Camille
  15. Vera Caroline
  16. Vera Celeste
  17. Vera Celine
  18. Vera Charleigh
  19. Vera Charlotte
  20. Vera Colette
  21. Vera Danielle
  22. Vera Darleen
  23. Vera Destiny
  24. Vera Dior
  25. Vera Drew
  26. Vera Edith
  27. Vera Eleanor
  28. Vera Elise
  29. Vera Elizabeth
  30. Vera Elliott
  31. Vera Eloise
  32. Vera Emery
  33. Vera Eve
  34. Vera Faith
  35. Vera Felicity
  36. Vera Finley
  37. Vera Frances
  38. Vera Gabrielle
  39. Vera Genevieve
  40. Vera Georgina
  41. Vera Giselle
  42. Vera Grace
  43. Vera Hadley
  44. Vera Harper
  45. Vera Hattie
  46. Vera Hazel
  47. Vera Helen
  48. Vera Hope
  49. Vera Isabelle
  50. Vera Ivy
  51. Vera Jacqueline
  52. Vera Jade
  53. Vera Jane
  54. Vera Jolene
  55. Vera Josephine
  56. Vera Joy
  57. Vera Juliet
  58. Vera June
  59. Vera Kaitlyn
  60. Vera Katherine
  61. Vera Kennedy
  62. Vera Kimberly
  63. Vera Lainey
  64. Vera Lee
  65. Vera Leighton
  66. Vera Leilani
  67. Vera Leona
  68. Vera Lillian
  69. Vera Lucille
  70. Vera Mackenzie
  71. Vera Madeline
  72. Vera Maeve
  73. Vera Margot
  74. Vera Marie
  75. Vera Michelle
  76. Vera Naomi
  77. Vera Nicole
  78. Vera Noelle
  79. Vera Oaklynn
  80. Vera Paige
  81. Vera Paislee
  82. Vera Payton
  83. Vera Pauleen
  84. Vera Penelope
  85. Vera Phoenix
  86. Vera Poppy
  87. Vera Quinn
  88. Vera Raelynn
  89. Vera Reese
  90. Vera Reign
  91. Vera Rosalie
  92. Vera Sage
  93. Vera Sawyer
  94. Vera Skye
  95. Vera Sophie
  96. Vera Taylor
  97. Vera Teagan
  98. Vera Violet
  99. Vera Vivian
  100. Vera Wren

Nicknames For Vera

Nicknames are a great way to show your newborn you love them. Here are a few of the most popular Vera nicknames:

  • V
  • Vi
  • Vivi
  • Ver

Names Similar to Vera

Check out these similar-sounding names list to discover more names that are similar to Vera.

  • Ada
  • Alica
  • Alma
  • Annie
  • Barbara
  • Betty
  • Celia
  • Clara
  • Cora
  • Doris
  • Dorothy
  • Edith
  • Edna
  • Eileen
  • Elizabeth
  • Etta
  • Eva
  • Evelyn
  • Florence
  • Gladys
  • Grace
  • Gwendoline
  • Hannah
  • Hazel
  • Helen
  • Hilda
  • Irene
  • Iris
  • Ivy
  • Janice
  • Jean
  • Joan
  • Josephine
  • Kathleen
  • Leslie
  • Lillian
  • Linda
  • Lydia
  • Maeve
  • Margaret
  • Margot
  • Maria
  • Marjorie
  • Mary
  • Mildred
  • Naomi
  • Nora
  • Olga
  • Olive
  • Patricia
  • Pauline
  • Pearl
  • Phyllis
  • Rita
  • Ruby
  • Ruth
  • Sarah
  • Thelma
  • Veda
  • Viola
  • Violet
  • Vivian
  • Wendy

Most Famous People Named Vera

Our names have the potential to influence our behavior, physical appearance, career path and life choices, popularity, and how others perceive us.  If a child has a story behind his name, it can motivate him to be like his namesake and to emulate that person’s good qualities.

Go through the list of popular personalities named Vera:

Vera Albreht (1895–1971), Slovene poet, writer, publicist and translator
Vera Alentova (born 1942), Soviet actress
Vera Allison (1902–1993), American Modernist jeweler, painter
Vera Altayskaya (1919–1978), Soviet actress
Vera Eugenia Andrus (1895–1979), American artist and printmaker
Vera Anisimova (born 1952), Soviet athlete
Vera Anstey (1889–1976), British economist
Vera Atkins (1908–2000), Romanian-born British intelligence officer during World War II

Vera Baboun (born 1956), Palestinian politician
Vera Baeva (born 1930), Bulgarian writer and composer
Vera Baird (born 1950), British Labour Party activist, barrister, author and lecturer
Vera Baklanova (born 1947), Soviet Olympic diver
Vera Baranovskaya (1885–1935), Russian actress
Vera Barbosa (born 1989), Portuguese track and field athlete
Vera Barclay (1893–1989), British novelist and leading female pioneer Scouter
Vera Bazarova (born 1993), Russian pair skater
Vera Begić (born 1982), Croatian athlete
Véra Belmont (born 1938), French film producer, director and screenwriter
Vera Berdich (1915–2003), American printmaker
Vera Bergkamp (born 1971), Dutch politician
Věra Bílá (born 1954), Romani musician and singer of Romani folk and pop songs
Vera Bjelik (1921–1944), Soviet World War II aircraft navigator
Vera Blagojević (1920-1942), Yugoslav political activist
Vera von Blumenthal, American potter and educator
Vera Bogetti (born 1908), British stage and film actress
Vera Borea, French fashion designer
Vera de Bosset (1888–1982), Russian-born American dancer and artist
Vera Bradford (1904–2004), Australian classical pianist and teacher
Vera Brezhneva (born 1982), Ukrainian pop-singer and television presenter
Vera Brittain (1893–1970), English writer
Vera Broido (1907–2004), Russian-born British writer
Vera Brosgol (born 1984), Russian-born American cartoonist and animator
Vera Scantlebury Brown (1889–1946), Australian medical practitioner and pediatrician
Vera Brühne (1910–2001), German victim of miscarriage of justice
Vera Bryndzei (born 1952), Ukrainian speed skater
Vera Buchanan (1902–1955), American Democratic politician
Vera C. Bushfield (1889–1976), American politician

Vera Alexandrovna Tiscenko Calder (1902–1983), Russian actress
Vera Carmi (1914–1969), Italian film actress
Vera Carrara (born 1980), Italian professional racing cyclist
Vera Cáslavská (born 1942), Czech gymnast
Vera Caspary (1899–1987), American writer
Vera Celis (born 1959), Belgian politician
Věra Černá (born 1963), Czech artistic gymnast
Vera Chapman (1898–1996), English author and founder of the first Tolkien Society
Vera Chino (born 1943), Native American potter
Vera Chirwa (born 1932), Malawian-born lawyer and human and civil rights activist
Vera Chytilová (born 1929), Czech film director
Véra Clouzot (1913–1960), Brazilian-born French film actress and screenwriter
Vera Coking, American eminent domain litigant
Grand Duchess Vera Constantinovna of Russia (1854–1912), daughter of Grand Duke Konstantine Nicholaievich of Russia
Princess Vera Constantinovna of Russia (1906–2001), youngest child of Grand Duke Konstantine Konstantinovich of Russia
Vera Cordeiro (born 1950), Brazilian social entrepreneur and physician
Vera Cornish, British stage and film actress
Vera Cudjoe (born 1928), Trinidadian-Canadian actress, producer, and educator

Vera Dajht-Kralj (born 1928), Croatian Jewish sculptor
Vera Day (born 1935), British film and television actress
Vera Micheles Dean (1903–1972), Russian-American political scientist
Vera Djatel (born 1984), Ukrainian footballer
Vera Dua (born 1952), Belgian politician
Vera Duarte, Cape Verdean human rights activist and politician
Vera Ducas (1912–1948), Czechoslovak Jewish woman murdered in Israel reportedly for spying
Vera Dulova (1909–2000), Russian harpist
Vera Ðurašković (born 1949), Yugoslav basketball player
Vera Dushevina (born 1986), Russian tennis player
Vera Duss (1910 — 2005), American-born French medical doctor and Roman Catholic nun

Vera Elkan (1908–2008), South African photographer

Vera Farmiga (born 1973), American actress of Ukrainian origin
Vera King Farris (1938–2009), American zoologist and academic
Vera Figner (1852–1942), Russian revolutionary
Vera Filatova (born 1982), Ukrainian-born British actress
Vera Fischer (actress) (born 1951), Brazilian actress
Vera Fischer (sculptor) (1925–2009), Croatian sculptor
Vera Flasarová (born 1952), Czech politician
Vera Fogwill (born 1972), Argentine film and television actress, film director, and screenplay writer
Vera Frances (born 1930), British actress
Vera Francis, Native American writer and activist
Vera Freeman (1865–1896), American stage actress
Vera Friedländer (1928–2019), German writer and Holocaust survivor
Vera Furness (1921–2002), English chemist and industrial manager

Vera Mae Green (1928 – 1982), African American anthropologist, scholar, educator, author
Vera Galushka-Duyunova (1945–2012), Russian volleyball player
Vera Gebuhr (born 1916), Danish film actress
Vera Gedroitz (1870–1932), Lithuanian princess, doctor of medicine and writer
Vera Georgiyevna Orlova (1894—1977), Russian actress
Vera Gornostayeva (born 1929), Russian pianist
Vera Grabe (born 1951), Colombian anthropologist and politician
Vera Griner (1890–1992), Russian music teacher

Vera Hall (1902–1964), American folk singer
Vera Harsányi (born 1919, date of death unknown), Hungarian freestyle swimmer
Vera Henriksen (born 1927), Norwegian writer
Vera Hilger (born 1971), German painter
Vera Holland (1949–1996), English woman who was murdered
Vera Louise Holmøy (born 1931), Norwegian judge
Vera Holtz (born 1953), Brazilian television and cinema actress
Vera Homp (born 1991), German footballer

Vera Ilyina (born 1974), Russian diver
Vera Inber (1890–1972), Russian-Soviet poet and writer
Vera Int-Veen (born 1967), German journalist and television presenter
Vera Isaku (born 1955), Albanian journalist

Vera James (1892–19??), New Zealand-born theatre and film actor
Věra Janoušková (1922–2010), Czech sculptor, painter and graphic artist
Vera Jeftimijades (born 1937), Yugoslav fencer
Vera Jocić (1923–1944), Yugoslav partisan
Vera Johnson (1920–2007), Canadian folk singer
Vera Jordanova (born 1975), Bulgarian-Finnish model and actress

Vera Kamsha (born 1962), Russian author of high fantasy and journalist
Vera Karalli (1889–1972), Russian ballet dancer, choreographer and silent film actress
Vera Karmishina-Ganeeva (born 1988), Russian athlete
Vera Katz (1933–2017), American Democratic politician
Vera Kharuzhaya (1903–1942), Belarusian Communist writer and activist
Vera Kholodnaya (1893–1919), Russian silent film actress
Vera Kingston (1917–1996), English swimmer
Vera Klement (born 1929), Polish-born American artist
Věra Klimková (born 1957), Czechoslovak cross country skier
Vera Kobalia (born 1981), Georgian politician
Vera Koedooder (born 1983), Dutch professional racing cyclist
Věra Kohnová (1929–1942), Czech Jewish diarist and concentration camp victim
Vera Kolodzig (born 1985), German-Portuguese actress
Vera Komarkova (1942–2005), Czech-born American mountaineer and botanist
Vera Komisova (born 1953), Russian hurdler
Vera Komissarzhevskaya (1864–1910), Russian actress
Véra Korène (1901–1996), Russian-born French actress and singer
Vera Koval (born 1983), Russian judoka
Vera Krasnova (born 1950), Russian speed skater
Vera Krasova (born 1987), Russian model and beauty queen
Vera Krepkina (born 1933), Russian athlete
Vera Kublanovskaya (1920–2012), Russian mathematician
Věra Kůrková (born 1948), Czech computer scientist

Vera Lantratova (1947–2021), Russian volleyball player
Vera Leigh (1903–1944), British spy during World War II
Vera Lengsfeld (born 1952), German politician
Vera Leth (born 1958), Greenlandic Ombudsman
Vera Lewis (1873–1956), American film and stage actress
Vera Lindsay (1911–1992), British Shakespearean actress
Vera Lischka (born 1977), Austrian breaststroke swimmer
Vera G. List (1908–2002), American art collector and philanthropist
Vera Liubatovich (1855–1907), Russian revolutionary
Vera Bate Lombardi (1885–1948), English-born socialite
Vera Lutter (born 1960), German-born American artist
Vera Lynn (1917–2020), English singer
Vera Lysklætt (born 1954), Norwegian politician

Vera Mackey, Irish camogie player
Vera MacLeavy (1919–2008), English librarian and Moravian Church archivist
Vera Malinovskaya (1900–1988), Russian silent film actress
Vera Manuel (1949–2010), Canadian First Nations writer
Vera Maretskaya (1906–1978), Russian actress
Vera Laughton Mathews (1888–1959), English Women’s Royal Naval Service officer
Vera Nikolaevna Maslennikova (1926–2000), Russian mathematician
Vera Matović (born 1946), Serbian folk singer
Vera Maxwell (1901–1995), American sportswear and fashion designer
Vera McKechnie (born 1929), British children’s television presenter
Vera Menchik (1906–1944), British chess player
Vera Michalski (born 1954), Swiss publisher
Vera Miles (born 1929), American actress
Vera Mischenko, Russian attorney and environmentalist
Vera Misevich (1945–1995), Ukrainian equestrian
Vera Moskalyuk (born 1981), Ukrainian-born Russian judoka
Vera Mukhina (1889–1953), Russian sculptor
Vera Myller (1880–1970), Russian mathematician who became the first female professor in Romania

Véra Nabokov (1902–1991), wife, editor, and translator of Vladimir Nabokov
Vera Nazarian (born 1966), Russian-born American fantasy and science fiction writer
Vera Nazina (born 1931), Russian painter
Vera Nebolsina (born 1989), Russian chess player
Vera Neumann (born 1907), American fashion designer
Vera Nikolić (1948–2021), Serbian track and field athlete
Vera Nikolić Podrinska (1886–1972), Croatian painter and baroness

Vera Olcott (1893–19?), American dancer
Vera Olsson (born 1974), Finnish television producer and television host
Vera Georgiyevna Orlova (1894—1977), Russian Soviet actress
Vera Markovna Orlova (1918—1993), Soviet Russian actress
Vera Osoianu, Moldovan librarian, activist and writer

Vera Page (1921-1931), British murder victim
Vera Jayne Palmer (1933–1967), birth name of Jayne Mansfield, American actress
Vera Panova (1905–1973), Soviet novelist, playwright, and journalist
Vera Pauw (born 1963), Dutch football coach and former player
Vera Pavlova (born 1963), Russian poet
Vera Pearce (1895–1966), Australian stage and film actress
Vera Perlin (1902–1974), Canadian humanitarian
Vera Pezer (born 1939), Canadian curler and academic
Vera Pless (born 1931), American mathematician
Vera Popkova (1943–2011), Soviet track and field athlete
Vera Popova (1867–1896), Russian chemist
Vera Pospíšilová-Cechlová (born 1978), Czech athlete
Vera Putina (born 1926), Georgian woman who claims that Vladimir Putin is her lost son

Vera Hruba Ralston (1919–2003), Czech-American skater and actress
Vera Ramaciotti (1891—1982), Australian philanthropist
Vera Renczi, Romanian serial killer
Vera Reynolds (1899–1962), American film actress
Vera Rich (1936–2009), British poet, journalist, historian, and translator
Vera Ellen Westmeier Rohe (known as Vera-Ellen, 1921–1981), American actress
Vera Rózsa (1917–2010), Hungarian singer
Vera Rubin (1928-2016), American astronomer
Věra Růžičková (1928-2018), Czech gymnast

Vera Beaudin Saeedpour (1930–2010), American researcher and scholar
Vera Salvequart (1919–1947), Czech-born German concentration camp nurse executed for war crimes
Vera Santos (born 1981), Portuguese race walker
Alina Vera Savin (born 1988), Romanian bobsledder
Vera Scarth-Johnson (1912–1999), British-born Australian botanist and botanical illustrator
Vera Schmidt (born 1982), Hungarian singer-songwriter
Vera Schmidt (psychoanalyst) (1889–1937), Russian educationist and psychoanalyst
Vera Schmiterlöw (1904–1987), Swedish actress
Vera Schwarcz (born 1947), Romanian-born American sinologist and academic
Vera Sessina (born 1986), Russian gymnast
Vera Sheehan, Irish camogie player
Vera Shimanskaya (born 1981), Russian rhythmic gymnast
Vera Brady Shipman (1889-1932), American composer, journalist, and writer
Vera Shitjeni (born 1974), Albanian politician
Vera Shtelbaums (born 1937), Russian rhythmic gymnastics coach
Vera Shvetsova (born 1929), Russian ballet teacher and balletmaster
Eleonora Vera Sipos (1900–1988), New Zealand businesswoman, humanitarian and welfare worker
Vera Sisson (1891–1954), American film actress of the silent era
Vera Slutskaya (1874–1917), Russian revolutionary
Vera Šnajder (1904–1976), Bosnian mathematician
Vera Sobetova (born 1992), Russian sprint canoeist
Vera Sokolova (born 1987), Russian race walker
Vera T. Sós (born 1930), Hungarian mathematician
Vera Sotnikova (born 1960), Soviet (Russian) theatre, television and movie actress
Věra Soukupová (born 1932), Czech mezzo-soprano
Vera Stanley Alder (1898–1984), English portrait painter and mystic
Vera Steadman (1900–1966), American film actress of the silent era
Vera Storozheva (born 1958), Russian actress and film director
Vera Stroyeva (1903–1991), Soviet film director and screenwriter
Vera Suchánková (born 1932), Czechoslovak pair skater
Věra Suková (1931–1982), Czech tennis player
Vera Summers (born 1899), Australian high school teacher and principal
Vera Sveshnikova (born 1987), Russian musical theatre actress and singer
Vera Szemere (1923–1995), Hungarian actress

Vera Telenius (1912–1991), Finnish singer
Vera Thomas (1921–1995), English table tennis player
Vera Thulin (1893–1974), Swedish freestyle swimmer
Vera Timanova (1855–1942), Russian pianist
Vera Trefilova (1875–1943), Russian dancer and teacher
Vera Tschechowa (born 1940), German film actress

Vera Ulyakina (born 1986), Russian volleyball player

Vera Vague (1906–1974), American actress, also known by her real name of Barbara Jo Allen
Věra Vančurová (born 1932), Czech gymnast
Vera Vasilchikova (1780–1814), Russian minor aristocrat
Vera Veljkov-Medaković (1923–2011), Serbian pianist and piano teacher
Vera Venczel (born 1946), Hungarian actress
Vera Viczián (born 1972), Hungarian cross country skier
Vera Volkova (1905–1975), Russian ballet dancer and dance teacher
Vera Voronina (1905–?), Russian actress
Věra Votrubcová, Czechoslovak table tennis player
Věra Vovsová (1912–1998), Czech painter

Vera Wang (born 1949), American fashion designer
Vera Weizmann (1881–1966), Russian-born Israeli medical doctor and a Zionist activist
Vera White (1893-1949), American silent film actress
Vera Williams (born 1927), American children’s writer and illustrator
Vera Woodhouse, Lady Terrington (1889–1973), British Liberal Party politician

Vera Yurasova (born 1928), Russian physicist

Vera Zasulich (1849–1919), Russian Marxist writer and revolutionary
Vera Zavitsianou (1927–2008), Greek Greek theatre actress
Vera Zhelikhovsky (1835–1896), Russian writer
Vera Zorina (1917–2003), American actress
Vera Zorina (singer) (1853–1903), Russian operetta singer
Vera Zozulya (born 1956), Latvian-born Soviet luger
Vera Zvonareva (born 1984), Russian tennis player

You can find the Meaning, Origin, Personality Traits, Horoscope, and detailed information about the name Vera here.

Final Thoughts From TheBiranchi:

Naming a baby is so hard but it is an important decision you have to make as a parent. It can be fun, but the responsibility of naming another human being can make it a bit intimidating. After all, your child will carry that name throughout their life.

Read through this article again to choose the best middle name for Vera. You can also choose from the list of Most Popular People named Vera.

Feel free to share this article with your family & friends so that they can learn too.

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