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Dess isch de Daume – Alsatian Finger Play Lyrics

TheBiranchi Team brings you the most popular Alsatian Children’s Finger Play “Dess isch de Daume”.

This article will teach you the famous Finger Play “This Is the Thumb” in the Alsatian language i.e. Dess isch de Daume. The Finger Play Song is written in English and Alsatian language.

Dess isch de Daume

Finger Play (Alsatian)

Dess isch de Daume,
der schittelt Pflaume,
der hebt se huf,
der tragt se heim
un der ganz klaane Stumbenickel esst se ganz allein.

This Is the Thumb

Finger Play (English)

This is the thumb,
This one shakes the plums,
This one gathers them all,
This one brings them home,
And this little rascal eats them all.

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