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Hasla in de Grüab – Alsatian Circle Game Lyrics

TheBiranchi Team brings you the most popular Alsatian Children’s Circle Game “Hasla in de Grüab”.

This article will teach you the famous Circle Game “Little Rabbit in Your Burrow” in the Alsatian language i.e. Hasla in de Grüab. The Circle Game Song is written in English and Alsatian language.

Hasla in de Grüab

Circle Game (Alsatian)

Hasla in de Grüab sitzt un schloft.
Hasla in d’r Grüab sitzt un scholoft.
“Armes Hasla bisch dü krank,
Ass dü nimmi hupfa kannsch?
Hasla hupf, Hasla hupf!

Little Rabbit in Your Burrow

Circle Game (English)

Little rabbit sat in his burrow and was asleep,
Little rabbit sat in his burrow and was asleep,
“Poor little rabbit, are you ill,
so you can’t hop about any more?
Rabbit hop! Rabbit hop!

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