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Ludo Movie Review Rating StarCast

From a resurfaced sex tape to a rogue suitcase of money, four wildly different stories overlap at the whims of fate, chance and one eccentric criminal.


Average Ratings: 3.2/5
Score: 64% Positive
Reviews Counted: 5
Positive: 4
Neutral: 1
Negative: 0


24-Apr-2020 ( India) | 2 hrs 30 mins


Abhishek Bachchan, Rajkummar Rao, Aditya Roy Kapur, Pankaj Tripathi, Fatima Sana Shaikh

Anurag Basu

Anurag Basu, Divya Khosla Kumar, Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar

Anurag Basu Productions,

T-Series Super Cassettes Industries Ltd.,

Ishana Movies

Review by : Sreeparna Sengupta

Ratings : 3/5       Site – TNN

 Watch this one for the noteworthy performances and its interesting mix of morally ambiguous characters. Ultimately ‘Ludo’ tries to make a larger point about not judging anyone for the choices they make.

Review by : Shah Shahid

Ratings : 4/5       Site – Blank Page Beatdown
Ludo works, in many different ways, if those ways are not to dig too deep. It’s an outrageous comedy when it wants to be, gets very serious and dark at times, while being emotionally moving during others.

Review by : Jonathon Wilson

Ratings : 3.5/5       Site – RSC
There has been a fair amount of fuss around Anurag Basu’s dark-comedy crime anthology Ludo, and it turns out for a fairly good reason.

Review by : Srivatsan S

Ratings : 3/5       Site – The Hindu

Basu seems to have learnt his lesson, for, the structure of Ludo is written with careful precision and the construct is cleaner; in Basu’s language, “it only has a beginning, a middle, and an end”. But its “middle” part is where it begins to develop a crack and you wish it had been tighter, with at least 20 minutes to spare. Mind you, Ludo is not a “lengthy” film, but the manner in which it jumps from one story to another becomes repetitive; the way these stories converge becomes convenient, and the resolution it gets towards the end is a tad generic.

Review by : Sukanya Verma

Ratings : 2.5/5       Site – Rediff

‘Ludo is life. Life is Ludo,’ spouts Basu in its opening scene.

The comparison may have sounded cool in his head, but it doesn’t translate in the madcap movie he intended it to be.