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Malayali Baby Names

Welcome to TheBiranchi’s collection of modern and unique Malayali names for baby boys and baby girls. This collection includes the 100 most popular Malayali baby boy names and the 100 most popular Malayali baby girl names with English meanings.

Whether you’re looking for a unique Malayali name for your baby boy or girl, or just love names, you’ve come to the right place! Research the meaning of Malayali names, history, origin, numerology, and fun name facts for first, middle, and last names.

Malayali Baby Names and Meanings

These Malayali Names are Modern as well as Unique. A beautiful collection of Malayali Baby Names. Both Male and Female Malayali Baby Names, If you are pregnant or expecting a baby then you have come to the right site to find the perfect names for your little one.

We provide the most popular and unique Malayali Baby names from each and every category (e.g. Modern Malayali Names, Unique Malayali Names, Traditional Malayali Names, Beautiful Malayali Names, Happy Malayali Names, etc. ) you could possibly think of. Go ahead and name your baby!

Once you have found your favorite unique Malayali name, you can find the numerology number for the name here.

We have A to Z collection of Malayali baby names with meanings. Our baby name collection has the Latest Malayali boy names and the Latest Malayali girl names. Below you will find a few collections of Top Trending Malayali Names for Boys and Girls.

ANIRVAN             ARYAV                 AVIKSHIT


JALENDU             JOYDEEP            LAKSIT

KUSHANK            MALAYAJ           NAVIND

OJASWIT             SRINJAN             UNNABH



FALGUNI       JAGRUTI            LABONI   

MISHTI          NANDITA          URMILA