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Mbuti God and Goddess Names for Your Baby

african baby boy wearing white shirt holding by someone

The Mbuti people, or Bambuti, are one of several indigenous pygmy groups in the Congo region of Africa.

Everything in the Bambuti life is centered on the forest. They consider the forest to be their great protector. They sometimes call the forest “mother” or “father”.

The Mbuti believe that because God is benevolent, death or similiar misfortunes cannot occur unless the forest has fallen asleep.

Popular Mbuti God Names For Boys

We have sorted the most popular Mbuti mythology God names, which you may consider for your newly born baby boy.


  • Arebati meaning “Supreme God, Creator God, Sky Father”.


  • Baatsi meaning “Supreme God”.


  • Chorum meaning “God of the hunt”.


  • Epilipili meaning “Creator God”.


  • Khonuum meaning “God of the hunt”.


  • Khonvoum meaning “God of the hunt”.


  • Kmvoum meaning “God of the hunt”.


  • Negoogunogumbar meaning “child-eating giant”.


  • Obrigwabibikwa meaning “a dwarf who can change himself into a reptile”.


  • Tore meaning “God of the forests”.