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Pani Barsa Cham Cham Cham – Hindi Nursery Rhymes

TheBiranchi Team brings you the most popular Indian children’s nursery song Pani Barsa Cham Cham Cham.

This article will teach you the famous kid’s Hindi song of India i.e. Pani Barsa Cham Cham Cham. The nursery rhyme is written in English and Hindi language.

‘पानी बरसा छम छम छम’ बालगीत के बोल


पानी बरसा छम छम छम

छाता लेकर निकले हम,

पैर फिसल, गिर गए हम,

नीचे छाता, ऊपर हम |

‘Pani Barsa Cham Cham Cham’ Lyrics in English


Pani barsa cham cham cham

chata leker nikle hum

pair phisal, gir gaye hum

niche chata upar hum

‘Pani Barsa Cham Cham Cham’ English Translation


Water rain cham cham cham

We came out with an umbrella,

Feet slipped, we fell,

Umbrella below, above us.

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