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Railgadi – Hindi Nursery Rhymes

TheBiranchi Team brings you the most popular Indian children’s nursery song Railgadi.

This article will teach you the famous kid’s Hindi song of India i.e. Railgadi. The nursery rhyme is written in English and Hindi language.

‘रेलगाड़ी’ बालगीत के बोल


छुक – छुक, छुक – छुक धुआं छोड़ती,

खूब सवारी ले जाती है।

कला इंजन, लाल हैं डिब्बे,

हटो, रेलगाड़ी आती है।

‘Railgadi’ Lyrics in English


Chhuk–chhuk, chhuk-chhuk dhuan chhodti,

Khoob savare le jati hai.

Kala injan, laal hain dibbe,

Hato, Railgadi aatee hai.

‘Railgadi’ English Translation


Chhuk – Chhuk, Chhuk – Chhuk leaves the smoke,

Takes a lot of riding.

Art engines, red cans,

Move, the train arrives.

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