Titli Rani – Hindi Nursery Rhymes

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TheBiranchi Team brings you the most popular Indian children’s nursery song Titli Rani.

This article will teach you the famous kid’s Hindi song of India i.e. Titli Rani. The nursery rhyme is written in English and Hindi language.

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‘तितली रानी’

बालगीत के बोल

तितली रानी, तितली रानी,
इतने सुन्दर पंख कहाँ से लायी हो ।
क्या तुम कोई शहजादी हो,
परी लोक से आयी हो ।
फूल तुम्हे भी अच्छे लगते,
फूल हमे भी भाते है ।
वो तुमको कैसे लगते है,
जो फूल तोड़ने जाते है ।


‘Titli Rani’

Lyrics in English

Titli Rani itne sunder,
Pankh kahan se layi ho.
Kya tum koi shahzadi ho,
Pari lok se aayi ho.
Phool tumhe bhi aache lagte hai,
Phool hume bhi bhate hai.
Woh tumko kaise lagte hai,
Jo phool toodh le jatte hai.


‘Titli Rani’

English Translation

You like flowers too,
Flowers are also pleasing to us.
What you think about those
Who pluck the flowers and go?
Queen Butterfly, queen butterfly,
Where did you get such beautiful wings
Are you a princess
Have you come from the fairy world?

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Biranchi Narayan

Biranchi Narayan