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Top 1000 Afghan Boy Names With Meanings

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TheBiranchi Team has collected a new list of 1000 unique Afghan baby Boy names, which might sound perfect for your newborn baby.

In this article, you will get to know Trending Baby Boy Names in Afghanistan, which you may consider for your newborn baby. All the Afghan baby boy names are arranged with their meaning and gender.

Unique Afghan Boy Names With Meaning

We have collected the most unique 1000 Afghan Boy Names, which you may consider for your newly born baby boy.

Aaban8Th Persian Month, Angel Of Iron
AalemLearned, Learned Man, Scholar, Scientist
AaqelWise, Intelligent
AaqilWise, Intelligent
AaronLofty, Superior, Aaron Was Moses' Older Brother
AbasFrowning, Looking Austere, Also Means Lion
Abdul -GhaniServant Of All Sufficient
Abdul-AhadServant Of The Only One (God)
Abdul-AleemServant Of All Knowing (God)
Abdul-AliServant Of The Most High
Abdul-AlimServant Of All Knowing (God)
Abdul-AzeemServant Of The Mighty ( God)
Abdul-AzeezServant Of The Almighty
Abdul-AzimServant Of The Mighty ( God)
Abdul-AzizServant Of The Almighty
Abdul-BadeeServant Of The Originator
Abdul-BadiServant Of The Originator
Abdul-BaqiServant Of The Everlasting (God)
Abdul-BariServant Of The Creator
Abdul-BaseerServant Of Sagacious (God)
Abdul-BasetServant Of The Expander (God)
Abdul-BasirServant Of Sagacious (God)
Abdul-BasitServant Of The Expander (God)
Abdul-FattahServant Of The Conqueror (God)
Abdul-GhafarServant Of Forgiving (God)
Abdul-GhafoorServant Of The Forgiving (God)
Abdul-GhafurServant Of The Forgiving (God)
Abdul-HadiServant Of Guide (God)
Abdul-HafeezServant Of Guardian (God)
Abdul-HafezServant Of Guardian (God)
Abdul-HafizServant Of Guardian (God)
Abdul-HaiServant Of The Living (God)
Abdul-HakeemServant Of All Wise (God)
Abdul-HakimServant Of All Wise (God)
Abdul-HaleemServant Of The All Element (God)
Abdul-HalimServant Of The All Element (God)
Abdul-HameedServant Of The All Laudable (God)
Abdul-HamidServant Of The All Laudable (God)
Abdul-HananSlave Of The Merciful Forgiving
Abdul-HaqServant Of The Truth (God)
Abdul-HaseebServant Of Reckoner
Abdul-HasibServant Of Reckoner
Abdul-HayServant Of The Living (God)
Abdul-JabarServant Of The Omnipotent (God)
Abdul-JalilServant Of Exalted (God)
Abdul-JamilServant Of Beautiful (God)
Abdul-JawadServant Of Most Bountiful (God)
Abdul-KabeerServant Of The Great (God)
Abdul-KabirServant Of The Great (God)
Abdul-KarimServant Of Most Generous (God)
Abdul-KhabeerSlave Of The One Who Is Aware
Abdul-KhabirSlave Of The One Who Is Aware
Abdul-KhaleqServant Of The Creator (God)
Abdul-KhaliqServant Of The Creator (God)
AbdullahServant Of God
Abdul-LateefServant Of Gracious (God)
Abdul-LatifServant Of Gracious (God)
Abdul-MaalekServant Of The Owner (God)
Abdul-MajeedServant Of The All Glorious (God)
Abdul-MajidServant Of The All Glorious (God)
Abdul-MalekServant Of The Sovereign / King (God)
Abdul-MalikServant Of The Owner (God)
Abdul-MananServant Of The Benefactor (God)
Abdul-MateenServant Of The Strong (God)
Abdul-MatinServant Of The Strong (God)
Abdul-MojeebServant Of Answerer (God)
Abdul-MomenServant Of All Faithful (God)
Abdul-MuhsenServant Of The Benefactor (God)
Abdul-MujibServant Of Answerer (God)
Abdul-MutalebGrandfather Of Prophet Muhammad
Abdul-NaserServant Of The Helper (God)
Abdul-NoorServant Of Light
Abdul-QadeerServant Of The Powerful (God)
Abdul-QaderServant Of The Powerful (God)
Abdul-QadirServant Of The Powerful (God)
Abdul-QaharServant Of The Subdue, Dominant
Abdul-QaherServant Of The Subdue (God)
Abdul-QayomServant Of Eternal (God)
Abdul-QudosServant Of All Holy (God)
Abdul-RabServant Of Lord (God)
Abdul-RafiServant Of Exalted (God)
Abdul-RahimServant Merciful (God)
Abdul-RahmanServant Of Beneficent (God)
Abdul-RaofServant Of Compassionate (God)
Abdul-RaqeebServant Of Observer (God)
Abdul-RaqibServant Of Observer (God)
Abdul-RasheedServant Of Right-Minded (God)
Abdul-RashidServant Of Right-Minded (God)
Abdul-RaufServant Of Compassionate (God)
Abdul-RazaqServant Of All Provider (God)
Abdul-SaboorServant Of The Patient (God)
Abdul-SalamServant Of All Peaceable (God)
Abdul-SamadServant Of The Eternal (God)
Abdul-SamiServant Of All Hearing (God)
Abdul-SatarServant Of The Veiler Of Sin (God)
Abdul-ShahedServant Of The Witness
Abdul-ShaheedServant Of The Witness
Abdul-ShahidServant Of The Witness
Abdul-ShakorServant Of All Thankful (God)
Abdul-TawabServant Of The Most Forgiving
Abdul-WadoodServant Of The Vast
Abdul-WahabServant Of All Give (God)
Abdul-WahedServant Of The One (God)
Abdul-WakeelServant Of Implementor
Abdul-WakilServant Of Implementor
Abdul-WaliServant Of The Comrade
Abdul-WaresServant Of The Survivor
Abdul-ZaherServant Of The Overt, Manifest
Abdul-ZahirServant Of The Overt, Manifest
AbedWorshipper, Adorer, Devout
AbidWorshipper, Adorer, Devout
AbteenA Character In Shahnamah, Feraidon'S Father
AbtinA Character In Shahnamah, Feraidon'S Father
AdamName Of First Man / First Mankind
AdelRighteous, Just, Equitable
AfroozLighting, Enlightening
AfsharCompanion, Friend, Partner
AfshinA Persian Army Commander In Old Times
AfzalBetter, Superior, Prominent
AhmadCommendable, Praiseworthy, Greatly Praised
Ahmad-UllahPraise God
AhmedCommendable, Praiseworthy, Greatly Praised
AjmalMore Beautiful, Extremely Beautiful
AkbarGreater, Bigger
AkhtarStar, Good Luck, Eid
AkramMore Generous, Nobler, Bountiful
AlaudinGlory Of Religion, Excellence Of Religion
AliElevated, High Status
Allah-BakhshGift Of God
AmanTrust, Safety, Security, Protection, Tranquility
AmanudinTrust Of Religion
AmanullahTrust, Care Of God, Protection Of God
AmmanTrust, Safety, Security, Protection, Tranquility
AneesFriend, Close Companion, Companion
AnisFriend, Close Companion, Companion
AnsarHelpe, Friend, Patron, Supporter
AnvarBeams Of Light
AnwarBeams Of Light
ArashA Heroic Archer Of Persian Tradition And Folklore
ArefWise, Intelligent
ArianAryan Nation
ArmanIdeal, Hope, Aspiration
ArminA Character In Shahnamah
AroonLofty, Superior, Aaron Was Moses' Older Brother
AryanAryan Nation
AsadullahLion Of God
AseelOf Noble Origin, Highborn, Pure
AsheqAdorer, Lover, Suitor
AshequllahAdore Of God
AshiqAdorer, Lover, Suitor
AshkanThe Founder Of An Persian Dynasty
AshrafMore Honourable, Most Distinguished
AsilOf Noble Origin, Highborn, Pure
AslamSafer, Freer
AsmatChastity, Dignity, Pride
AtarPerfumer, Perfume Vendor
AtaullahGift Of God
AteeqOlder, Ancient, Noble
AtefCompassionate, Affectionate, Sympathetic
AtifCompassionate, Affectionate, Sympathetic
AtiqOlder, Ancient, Noble
AyobA Prophet, The Biblical Job
AyubA Prophet, The Biblical Job
AzamGreater, Greatest, More Important
AzimGreat, Mighty
AzizullahDear To God
BaaqiPermanent, Everlasting, Eternal
BahadurBrave, Bold, Magnanimous
BahaudinGlow Of The Religion
BahmanName Of The 11Th Month Of The Persian Calender
BahramPlanet Mars
BakerFierce Lion, Abounding In Knowledge, Learned
Bakht-AwarLucky, Fortunate
BakhtiarFortunate, Lucky
BaktashServant Of King Or Cheif Of Tribe
BaqerFierce Lion, Abounding In Knowledge, Learned
BarakatBlessings, Good Fortunes, Prosperities
BarakatullahBlessing Of God
BaseerPerspicacious, Sage , Sagasious
BaselBrave, Bold, Valiant
BaserSeeing, Wise
BasetStretches, Enlarges
BasheerBringer Of Good News
BashirBringer Of Good News
BasirPerspicacious, Sage , Sagasious
BedarWakeful, Attentive, Enlightened
BehrangGood Color
BehroozFortunate, Lucky
BehzadGood Race, Of Noble Birth
BelalWater, Moisture, Freshness, River, Sea
BenyaminName Of Brother Of Prophet Yousus / Josef
BesharatGood News, Glad Tidings
BidarWakeful, Attentive, Enlightened
BijanA Character In Shahnameh
BizhanA Character In Shahnameh
BurhanProof, Evidence
BurhanudinProof Of The Religion
Chaman-GulLawn Of Flower
ChangizMongol Empire
Cheragh-AliLight Of Honourable
CirusKourosh, Ancient King Of Iran
CyrusKourosh, Ancient King Of Iran
DaanaWise, Learned
DaaneshWisdom, Learning, Science
DaanishWisdom, Learning, Science
DalirBrave, Valiant
DaraaPossessor, Sovereign
DarioushAncient Persian King
DarweshPoor, Holy Man
DarwishPoor, Holy Man
DastgeerArrested, Captured, Who Gives Relief To Others
DastgirArrested, Captured, Who Gives Relief To Others
DaudA Prophet'S Name
DavarRuler, Judge
DavidA Prophet'S Name
DawarRuler, Judge
DawoodA Prophet'S Name
DelAfroozCaptivating, Attractive
DelawarWarrior , Knight , Gallant , Brave , Hero
DeldaarCharming, Beloved
DeleerBrave, Valiant
DelirBrave, Valiant
DelNawazSoothing Heart
DidarMeeting, View, Sight
Din-MuhammadReligion Of Muhammad
Dost-MuhammadFriend Of Prophet Muhammad
DurokhshanBright, Shining
EbadullahWorshipers Of God
EdreesA Prophet'S Name
EdrisA Prophet'S Name
EdrisA Prophet'S Name
ElhamRevelation , Inspiration , Infusion
EliasName Of A Prophet
EmadPillar, Support
EnayatGenerosity, Favour
EqbalDestiny, Fortune, Luck
EsmailSon Of Ebrahim Prophet
EsmatChastity, Dignity, Pride
EzatullahAttributed, Honour, Glory To God
FaazelLearned Man, Scholar
FahimOf Understanding, Intelligent, Wise
FaiqExcellent, Outstanding, Distinguished
FaisalThe Judge
FaizBlessing , Bounty, Profusion, Profit
FaizudinBounty Of Religion
FaizullahAbundance From God
FakhrudinPride Of The Religion
FaqeerPoor, Meek, Poor Fellow
FaqirPoor, Meek, Poor Fellow
FarajVulva, Relief
FarazAbove,On The Top, Summit
FardeenExtenuating Of First Month Of Spring
FardinExtenuating Of First Month Of Spring
FarhadA Character In Shahnameh
FarhangGood-Breeding, Culture
FarhatCalm, Satisfaction, Happiness
FariborzA Character In Shahnamah
FarmanOrder, Decre
FarmanullahOrder Of God
FarokhHappy, Fortunate
FarooqOne Who Can Differentiate
FarsheedSunshine, Splendour Or The Pomp Of The Sun
FarshidSunshine, Splendour Or The Pomp Of The Sun
FarukhHappy, Fortunate
FarzadSplendid Birth
FarzanLearned, Wise
FarzeenLearned, Queen Of Chess
FarzinLearned, Queen Of Chess
FathullahVictory Granted By God
FattahThe One Who Opens
FayeqExcellent, Outstanding, Distinguished
FazelFavour, Grace, Excellence, Merit, Learning
FazelRabiBounty Of My Lord
FazlulHaqBounty Of The Truth
FazlullahBounty Of God
FeraidoonA Character In Shahnamah
FerdawsHeaven, Paradise
FerdowsHeaven, Paradise
GawharGem, Jewel, Pearl, Essence, Origin
GhafarMost Forgiving
GhaffarMost Forgiving
GhafoorMost Forgiving
GhafurMost Forgiving
GhalebPrevailing, Conquering
GhalibPrevailing, Conquering
GhaniFree From Want, Rich, Rich Man
GhareebPoor, Need, Humble; Stranger, Foreign
GharibPoor, Need, Humble; Stranger, Foreign
GhausAssistance, Help, Companionship
GhawsAssistance, Help, Companionship
GhayoorZealous, Jealous, Intolerant Of Rivalr
GhaziWarriors Who Fought For Islam
GhiaasRedress Of Grievances
GhiasRedress Of Grievances
GhiasUdinHelper Of The Religion
GhulamSlave, Lad, Servant
GhullamSlave, Lad, Servant
GulyarFlower'S Friend
GulzarRose-Garden, Flower-Garden
HabibFriend, Darling, Lover, Beloved
HadadBlacksmith, Iron Smith
HafezKeeper, Retaining, Retentive
HaidarShort, Short Stature
HajiTitle Of Someone Who Has Performed Haj
HakeemSage, Philosopher, Doctor
HakemGovernor, Magistrate, Judge
HakimSage, Philosopher, Doctor
HaleemMeek, Forbearing
HalimMeek, Forbearing
HamayoonAuspicious, Fortunate
HamdastCollaborator, Aid, Accomplice, Companion
HamidUllahServant Of Laudable
HamrazIntimate, Confidant
HamzadTwin, Co-Walker, Wraith Or Double
HananCompassionate, Merciful, Affectionate
HaneefTrue Believer
HanifTrue Believer
HaqTruth, God, Just, True; Legitimate
HaqaniCorrect, Rightful, Proper
HareefRival, Opponent, Match
HareerSilk, Silk Cloth
HarifRival, Opponent, Match
HarirSilk, Silk Cloth
HaroonLofty, Superior, Aaron Was Moses' Older Brother
HasanBeauty, Goodness, Virtue
HaseebNoble, Respected, Highborn
HashemGrandfather Of Prophet Muhammad
HashmatRetinue,Pomp, Magnificence
HashmatUllahBeloved Of God
HasibNoble, Respected, Highborn
HassamUdinSword Of Religion
HazratExcellency, Highness, Majesty
HedayatGuidance, Conduction
HedayatullahGuidance Of God
HelalCrescent, New Moon
HematAmbition, Aspiration, Lofty Purpose
HumayonAuspicious, Fortunate
HusainStrong, Secure, Immune
HuseinStrong, Secure, Immune
Ibn-SinaIbn-Sina Balkhi Was A Afghan-Persian Scholar And Commonly Known In English By His Latinized Name Avicenna
IbrahimAs Abraham
IdressA Prophet'S Name
IdrisA Prophet'S Name
IftekharUdinPride Of The Religion
IhteramRespect, Honour
IkhlasDevotion, Sincerity
IkhtiarAuthority, Option, Choice, Control, Free Will
IkramHonouring, Glory, Esteem
IkramullahGlory Of God
IliasA Rophet
IlyasA Rophet
ImadUdinPillar Of The Religion
ImanFaith, Believe
ImdadAssistance,Support, Help
ImtiazDistinction, Privilege, Concession
InayatullahCare Of God
InsafEquity, Justice
IntezarWaiting, Expectation
IqbalFortune Luck
IrajA Character In Shahnamah
IrshadGuidance, Showing The Right Way
IsarGiving In Abundance, Excessive Generosity
IshaqA Prophet, Son Of Abraham
IskandarKing Alexander, The Ancient Greek King
IslahCorrection, Improvement, Reform, Adjustment
IslamSubmitting To God'S Will
IsmailA Prophet, Son Of Abraham
IsmailSon Of Ebrahim Prophet
IsmatChastity, Modesty
IsmatChastity, Dignity, Pride
IsrarSecret, Mystery
IssacA Prophet, Son Of Abraham
ItemadConfidence, Trust, Reliance
JabarPowerful, Mighty
JaberConsoler, Restorer, Comforter
JafarSmall River
JagangeerWorld Conqueror
JahangirWorld Conqueror
JahedDiligent, Hardworking, Striving
JahidDiligent, Hardworking, Striving
JalalMajesty, Grandeur, Glory
JalalUdinThe Majesty Of Religion
JalilGreat, Exalted, Magnificent
JamalBeauty, Grace
JamalUdinBeauty Of The Religion
JamilHandsome, Beautiful, Good, Reputable
JamshidA Character In Shahnamah, A King
JanLife, Soul
Jan-MuhammadLife Of Muhammad
JavadGenerous, Liberal, Open-Handed
JavidEternal, Immortal, Eternity
JawadGenerous, Liberal, Open-Handed
JawanYoung Person, Youth
JawidEternal, Immortal, Eternity
JazebAttractive, Absorbent
JebranCompensation, Amends
JubranCompensation, Amends
KaawaA Character In Shahnamah, A Great Hero
KabeerGreat, Elder, Major, Capital, Morta
KabirGreat, Elder, Major, Capital, Morta
KafeelPersonal Surety Or Bail, Guarantor
KafilPersonal Surety Or Bail, Guarantor
KaihanSolar System
KalanHuge, Enormous, Greator, Bigger
KamalPerfection, Completion, Integrity
KamelPerfect, Complete,Thorough,Full
KamranSuccessful, Fortunate
KamshadHappy Wish, Desire
KaramGenerosity, Greatness, Generosity
KaramUllahBounty Of God
KardarCharge'-D'Affaires, Prime Minister
KarimGenerous, Great, Noble, Bountiful
KarmalOrchard, Garden
KaseerNumerous, Great, Much
KasirNumerous, Great, Much
KatebWriter, Scribe, Amanuensis
KavahA Character In Shahnamah, A Great Hero
KavkabStar, Olanet
KavsarAbundant, In Great Supply
KawahA Character In Shahnamah, A Great Hero
KawkabStar, Olanet
KawsarAbundant, In Great Supply
KazemOne Who Represses His Anger
KazimOne Who Represses His Anger
KefayatSufficiency, Efficiency
KeyhanSolar System
Khabir / KhabeerWell-Informed, Omniscient, Learned
KhairWelfare, Benefit, Good, Charity, Blessing
KhairUdinWelfare Of Religion
KhaledImmortal, Eternal
KhalesPure, True, Clear
KhalilUllahFriend Of God
KhanLeader, Ruler
KhaterMind, Heart, Memory, Idea
KheialPhantom, Hallucination, Thought, Intention
KhesrawA Character In Shahnamah
KhesrowA Character In Shahnamah
KhodaBakhshGift Of God
KhoshBakhtLucky, Happy, Presperous
KhuramFresh, Green, Pleasant, Cheerful
KianoshA Character In Shahnamah
KochiTo Migrate, To Decamp
LatifFine, Pure, Delicate, Tender, Thin, Elegant, Gentle
LayeqWorthy, Fit, Meritorious
LotfollahKindness Of God, Favour Of God
LuqmanEastern Fabulist Often Identified With Aesop
LutfKindness, Grace, Amenity, Elegance
LutullahKindness Of God, Favour Of God
MaalekOwner, Landlord, Proprietor
MaalikOwner, Landlord, Proprietor
MaawenAssistant, Assistant Director(Or Chief)
MahboobBelived, Loved, Favourite, Popular, Darling
MahdiRightly Guided
MaherAffection, Sun
MahfoozProtected, Secure, Reserved
MahfuzProtected, Secure, Reserved
Mahmood / MahmoudPraised, Commendable, Praiseworthy, Laudable
MahyarA Character In Shahnamah
MaiwandBattle Of Maiwand, The Principal Battles Of The Second Anglo-Afghan War
MajeedGlorious, Noble, Exalted, Honourable
MajidGlorious, Noble, Exalted, Honourable
MakhdomServed, Waited On
MalekReigning, Ruling
MamnonObliged, Grateful
MamnoonObliged, Grateful
MananMunificent Or Beneficent, Epithet Of God
ManoochehrA Character In Shahnamah
ManshoorCharter, Firman, Patent, Prism
MansoorAssisted, Aided By God, Victorious, Triumphant
MansourAssisted, Aided By God, Victorious, Triumphant
ManzoorIntention, Expectation, Provided For, Considered
MaqboolAccepted, Granted, Pretty
MaqbulAccepted, Granted, Pretty
MaroofFavour, Kindness, Famous, Noted
MarufFavour, Kindness, Famous, Noted
MaseehJesus A Prophet, Christ
MasehJesus A Prophet, Christ
MashaalTorch, Light
MashooqMan Who Is Loved By A Woman
MashuqMan Who Is Loved By A Woman
MasrorGlad, Happy, Pleased
MassomInnocent, Immaculate, Chaste, Impeccable
MassoodHappy, Prosperous
MassoudHappy, Prosperous
MateenStrong, Powerful, Solid, Durable
MatinStrong, Powerful, Solid, Durable
MatiUllahObedient To God
MazdakZoroastrian Prophet
MaziarMaziar, A Devout Zoroastrian, Revolted Against The Arab Muslim Occupation Of Iranian Lands
MeerKing, Governor, Leader, Extenuating Of Amir
MehdiRightly Guided
MehrabA Character In Shahnamah
MehranA Character In Shahnamah
MerajAscension (To Heaven)
MerzaSon Of A Prince
MeskeenPoor, Beggar
MeskinPoor, Beggar
MirKing, Governor, Leader, Extenuating Of Amir
MirBachaAn Afghan Hero Of Second Afghan-Anglo War
MirJahanKing Of World
MirwaisNoble Ruler
MirzaSon Of A Prince
MisaqPact, Covenant
MoawenAssistant, Assistant Director(Or Chief)
MobarakBlessed, Auspicious
MobarakBlessed, Auspicious
MoeinAssistant, Adjutant
MohammadPraised, Lauded, Commended, Praiseworthy
MohebLoving, Affectionate, Friend
MohebullahLoving Of God
MohsenBenefactor, Beneficent
MoinAssistant, Adjutant
MojeebReplier, Answerer, One Who Grant'S
MojibReplier, Answerer, One Who Grant'S
MojtabaChosen, Selected, Elected
MokhtarFree In One'S Action, Empowered
MomenBeliever, Pious Man
MonawarIlluminated, Bright
MoneerSplendid, Shining, Something That Reflects Light
MonesCompanion, Friend
MonirSplendid, Shining, Something That Reflects Light
MoosaA Prophet, The Biblical Moses
MoqimResident, Residing
MoradWill, Intention, Desire, Intended
MortazaChosen, Approved, Agreeable, Acceptable
MostafaChosen, Selected, Epithet Of Mohammad
MubarakBlessed, Auspicious
MubasherHarbinger Of Good News, Foreunner
MuhahmmadPraised, Lauded, Commended, Praiseworthy
MuhaiUdinReviver Of The Religion
MuhebLoving, Affectionate, Friend
MuhsenBenefactor, Beneficent
MujabaChosen, Selected, Elected
MukhtarFree In One'S Action, Empowered
MullahA Person Versed In Theoiogy And Sacred Law
MumtazDistinguished, Excellent
MunawarIlluminated, Bright
MunirSplendid, Shining, Something That Reflects Light
MuqimResident, Residing
MuradWill, Intention, Desire, Intended
MurshedSpiritual Guide Or Preceptor, Sheikh
MurshidSpiritual Guide Or Preceptor, Sheikh
MurtazaChosen, Approved, Agreeable, Acceptable
MurtazaChosen, Approved, Agreeable, Acceptable
MusaA Prophet, The Biblical Moses
MusadeqOne Who Confirms Or Certifies
MusawerPortraitist, Painter
MusharafImminent, Overlooking
MushfeqKind, Tender
MushtaqEager, Anxious
MuslimFollower Of Islam
MustafaChosen, Selected, Epithet Of Mohammad
MuzafarUdinVictorious Of The Religion
NabeelNoble, Honourable, Intelligent, Dexterous
NabiProphet Sent By God For The Guidance Of Mankind
NabilNoble, Honourable, Intelligent, Dexterous
NabiUllahProphet Of God
NaderExtraordinary, Rare, Exceptional
NadimIntimate Friend, Boon, Companion, Courtier
NaeemLuxury, Pleasure, Blessing
NafeesRefined, Pure, Exquisite, Precious, Invaluable
NafisRefined, Pure, Exquisite, Precious, Invaluable
NaimLuxury, Pleasure, Blessing
NajiSaved, Liberated, Safe
NajibExcellent, Noble, Distinguished, Praiseworthy, Denerous, Aristocratic
NajibullahDistinguished, Servant Of God
NajmUdinStar Of Religion
NaqeePure, Clean
NaqeebPresident, Head, Chief
NaqiPure, Clean
NaqibPresident, Head, Chief
NaseebPortion, Share, Lot, Destiny
NaseemGentle Wind, Fresh Air, Zephyr, A Cool Breeze
NaseerHelper, Aid, Defender
NaserAssister, Friend, Defender
NaserUdinProtector Of Religion
NasherOne Who Publishes
NasibPortion, Share, Lot, Destiny
NasimGentle Wind, Fresh Air, Zephyr, A Cool Breeze
NasirHelper, Aid, Defender
NasratHelp, Aid, Assistance, Support
NasrUdinVictory Of Religion
NasrUllahHelp Of God
NateqSpeaker, Orator
NavidHappy Tidings, Good News
NavinNew, Modern
NawabDepudy, Secretary
NawidHappy Tidings, Good News
NawinNew, Modern
NazeefPure, Clean, Neat And Clean, Chaste
NazeerPrecedent, Alike, Equal To
NazemSuperintendent, Regulator
NazerSpectator, Observer, Controller, Overseer
NazifPure, Clean, Neat And Clean, Chaste
NazirPrecedent, Alike, Equal To
NeamatAffluence, Riches, Easy Life, Blessing, Gift
NeamatUllahBlessing Of God
NekGood, Well
NematBlessing, Boon, Favour, Grace, Comforts Of Life
NesarTo Strew, To Sacrifice
NezamOrder, Arrangement, Discipline, Ruler, System
NezamUdinDiscipline Of Religion
NiamatBlessing, Boon, Favour, Grace, Comforts Of Life
NiazNeed, Necessity
NikGood, Well
NoorLight, Illumination
NoorAhmadLight Of Praised
Noor-MuhammadLight Of Muhammad
NoorUdinLight Of Religion
NoorUlhaqLight Of The Truth
NoumanFlower Beds
NusratHelp, Aid, Assistance, Support
ObaidLittle Servant
ObaidullahLittle Servant Of God
OmranImprovement, Reconstruction
OrfaanKnowledge, Gnosticism
OrfanKnowledge, Gnosticism
OsmanHonest, Caring And Sincere
PajmanDejected, Desire, Wish
ParsaPure, Chaste, Devout, Holy, Persian
ParvizA Character In Shahnamah
ParwizA Character In Shahnamah
PazhmanDejected, Desire, Wish
PeroozVictorious, Also A Character In Shahnamah
PiroozVictorious, Also A Character In Shahnamah
PooyaTo Search, Searcher
QaaEmIndependent, Upright
QadeerAble, Powerful, Mighty
QaderAble, Capable, Powerful
QadirAble, Powerful, Mighty
QaemIndependent, Upright
QaherForcible, Powerful, Subduing
QaisMeasure, Measurement, Firm, Example
QalandarCalender, Mendicant Or Wandering Dervish
QasemDistributor, Divider
QayoomEternal, Everlasting
QiamRising, Insurrection, Revolt
QobadCharacter From Shahnameh
QubadCharacter From Shahnameh
QudosVery Holy
QudratPower, Ability
QudratUallahPower Of God
QuraishThe Tribe Of The Prophet Muhammad
QurbanSacrifice, Offering, Victim
QutbPole, Axis, Pivot
QutbUdinPole Of Religion
RabeeSpring, Springtime
RabiSpring, Springtime
RafeeHigh Ranking, Noble, Eminent, Exalted, Sublime
RafiHigh Ranking, Noble, Eminent, Exalted, Sublime
RafiqAssociate, Intimate Friend, Companion
RahimMerciful, Compassionate
RahmanThe Most Gracious
RahmatMercy, Commiseration, Pardon,Grace, Blessing
RahmatUallahMercy Of God
RajabThe Seventh Month Of The Arabic Calendar
RamazanNinth Arabic Lunar Month, Fasting Month
RameshRest, Cheerfulness
RamezOne Who Indicates By Signs
RaofMerciful, Kind, Compassionate
RaoufMerciful, Kind, Compassionate
RaqeebRival, Antagonist, Competitor
RaqibRival, Antagonist, Competitor
RasekhEstablished, Stable, Steady
RasheedMajor, Adult, Orthodox, Guided, Intelligent
RashidMajor, Adult, Orthodox, Guided, Intelligent
RasoolMessenger, Messenger Of God
RaziSatisfied, Pleased
ReshadTo Come True,To Be Fulfilled
RezaWish, Assent, Good Will, Desire
RomalA Romal Is A Type Of Long Quirt Attached To The End Of A Set Of Closed Reins That Are Connected To The Bridle Of A Horse
RoohSpirit, Soul, Ghost, Life, Essence
RoohUallahSpirit Of God
RoomalA Romal Is A Type Of Long Quirt Attached To The End Of A Set Of Closed Reins That Are Connected To The Bridle Of A Horse
RoshaanBright, Lighted
RostamA Hero In Shahnama
RoushaanBright, Lighted
RustamA Hero In Shahnama
SaadaatThe Descendants Of The Prophet
SaberPatient, Tolerant
SabetFixed, Firm, Immovable, Steady, Constant, Proved, Invariable
SaboorPatient, Tolerant, Forbearing
SaburPatient, Tolerant, Forbearing
SadeqTrue, Truthful, Honest, Sincere
SadiGood Influence Of The Stars, Lucky Sadi Was A Great Persian Poet
SadUdinStar Of Religion
SadUllahJoy Of God
SaeedVenerable, Dignified, Happy, Lucky
SaeidVenerable, Dignified, Happy, Lucky
SafiPure, Choice
SafiUllahThe Pure Of God
SahelShore, Bank
SaidVenerable, Dignified, Happy, Lucky
SaifUallahSword Of God
SaifUdinSword Of The Religion
SajadWorshiper Of God
SajedKneeling, Prostrate, Bowing
SakhaaGenerosity, Liberality
SalaahGoodness, Moral Soundness, Well-Beingadvisable, Expedient
SalaahUdinInterest Of The Religion
SalamPeace, Safety, Security
SalehPious, Righteous, Upright
SalemHealthy, Safe, Intact
SalimSound, Affable, Healthy, Guarded, Perfect
SamadEternal, High
SamiHearing, Listening
SamimGenuine, Pure, True, Essence
SarajLamp, Light
SarajUdinLamp Of Religion
SardarChief, Noble Man, Officer Of Rank
SarvarLeader, Chief, Master
SarwarLeader, Chief, Master
SatarScreen, Cover, Curtain Wall, Pretex
SayedLord, Master, Chief
SebghatDye, Color
SebghatUallahColor Of God
SediqRighteous, Very Truthful, Hones, Sincere
SekandarThe Great Alexandar, Defender Of Mankind, Victorious
SepehrWorld, Sky
ShabanEighth Lunar Month
ShabirSon Of Prophet Haroon
ShadGulHappy Flower
ShafiIntercessor, Mediator
ShafiqAffectionate, Compassionate
ShahabShooting-Star, Meteor
ShahabudinMeteor Of The Religion
ShahbazRoyal Falcon
ShahJahanKing Of The World
ShahNawazKing'S Friend
ShahrukhFace Of The King
ShahZadPrince Son Of King
ShakerThankful, Grateful, Contented
ShakoorVery Grateful
ShakurVery Grateful
ShameemFragrant, Scent
ShamimFragrant, Scent
ShamsUdinSun Of The Religion
ShamsUlhaqSun Of The Truth
ShapoorA Character In Shahnamah
ShapourA Character In Shahnamah
SharafHonour, Dignity; Moral Distinction, Superiority
SharafUdinHonour Of The Religion
ShareefNoble, Honourable
SharifNoble, Honourable
ShayeqHopeful, Wisher, Lover, Needy
ShoAibJetro: The Father-In-Law Of Moses
SiamakBlack Haired Man
SinaExplorer Of Knowledge
SiyarClever, Wise
SohailCanopus, Tking, Emperor, Ruler, Authority, Power He Second Brightest Star In The Sky
SohrabRustam Son, A Character In Shahnamah
SoroshMessenger Angel
SulaimanA Prophet, The Biblical Solomon, Son Of Prophet Dawood
SultanKing, Emperor, Ruler, Authority, Power
TabaanShining, Luminous
TabeshRadiation, Radiancy, Shining, Glow, Heat
TabishRadiation, Radiancy, Shining, Glow, Heat
TaherVirtuous, Pure, Pious, Modest, Clean, Chest
TahirVirtuous, Pure, Pious, Modest, Clean, Chest
TajamulLuxury, Articles Of Luxury, Articles De Luxe
TajBakhshCrown Division
TajUdinCrown Of The Religion
TareqNocturnal Visitor
TariqNocturnal Visitor
TawfiqSuccess, Grace
TimorSlender, Secret
TimurSlender, Secret
UbaidLittle Servant
UbaidUallahLittle Servant Of God
UlfatFamiliarity, Friendship
UmarThe Second Successor Of The Propbet Muhammad
UsmanHonest, Caring And Sincere
UthmanHonest, Caring And Sincere
VahidUnique, Matchless, Singular, Unparalleled
VahidUnique, Matchless, Singular, Unparalleled
VakilCounsel, Lawyer, Attorney, Proxy, Agent
ValiGuardian, Warden, Tutor, Saint
ValidUnique, Matchless, Singular, Unparalleled
ValidNewborn, Newborn Child, Nascent, New
ValyGuardian, Warden, Tutor, Saint
ValyGuardian, Warden, Tutor, Saint
WadoodVery Affectionate
WahaabBestower, Giver, Epithet Of God
WahabBestower, Giver, Epithet Of God
WahedSingle, Unique, Unit
WaheedUnique, Matchless, Singular, Unparalleled
WahidUnique, Matchless, Singular, Unparalleled
WaisNight Wanderer
WakilAdvocate, Representative, Counselor, Attorney, Agent
WaleedNewborn, Newborn Child, Nascent, New
WaliGuardian, Warden, Tutor, Saint
WalidNewborn, Newborn Child, Nascent, New
WalyGuardian, Warden, Tutor, Saint
WaseemHandsome, Beautiful, Graceful
WasefDescriber, Praiser
WasimHandsome, Beautiful, Graceful
WasimUllahHandsom Of The Religion
WasiqFirm, Sure
YahiaTo Love, Will Live A Prophet, The Biblical John, Son Of Prophet Zakaria
YamaThe Lord Of Death In Hinduism - First Recorded In The Vedas Yama Belongs To An Early Stratum Of Indo-Iranian Theology
YaqoobA Prophet, The Biblical Jacob Son Of Isac
YaqoubA Prophet, The Biblical Jacob Son Of Isac
YarFriend, Companion, Partner, Aid, Mate
Yar-MohammadFriend Of Prophet Muhammad
YasarWealth, Affluence, Ease
YaseenThe Opening Letters Of The First Verse Of Surat Ya Sin (36:1)
YaserEasy, Wealthy, Affluent
YasinThe Opening Letters Of The First Verse Of Surat Ya Sin (36:1)
YasirEasy, Wealthy, Affluent
YassarWealth, Affluence, Ease
YawarAssistant Or Supporter
YonesJonah, A Prophet
YonosJonah, A Prophet
YounosJonah, A Prophet
YousefA Prophet, The Biblical Joseph, Son Of Prophet Yaqub Son Of Jacob
YousufA Prophet, The Biblical Joseph, Son Of Prophet Yaqub Son Of Jacob
ZabiSacrificed Or Slaughtered(Animal Or Person)
ZabiullahSacrificed For God
ZafarVictory, Triumph
ZahedDevout Or Ascetic(Person)
ZaherApparentl, Outward, External
ZahidDevout Or Ascetic(Person)
ZahirApparentl, Outward, External
ZahoorAppearance, Advent, Outburst, Presentation
ZaidIncrease, Increment, Addition, Excess, Surplus
ZainBeautiful, Pretty, Beauty, Grace
ZainUdinGrace Of The Religion
ZainulAbudinOrnament Of The Worshippers
ZakariaProphet Zacharia
ZakerRemember Of God
ZakiKeen, Intelligent, Sagacious
ZamanEpoch, Age, Tense, Time
ZameerHeart, Mind, Conscience, Pronoun
ZareefElegant, Nice, Delicate, Miniature, Subtle, Witty, Clever, Victory
ZarifElegant, Nice, Delicate, Miniature, Subtle, Witty, Clever, Victory
ZaryabRich, Wealthy
ZiaLight, Glow, Illumination, Splendour
ZiaUdinLight Of The Religion
ZiaUlhaqLight Of The Truth
ZubaidCream, Butter (Zubd)
ZubairSmall Piece Of Iron, A Brave And Wise Person
ZulfaqarName Of A Sword Presented To Ali