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Top 111 Afghan Boy Names Starting With M

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TheBiranchi Team has collected a new list of the Top 111 unique Afghan baby Boy names starting with M, which might sound perfect for your newborn baby.

In this article, you will get to know the Trending “M” letter Baby Boy Names in Afghanistan, which you may consider for your newborn baby. All the Afghan baby boy names that start with “M” are arranged with their meaning and gender.

Unique Afghan Boy Names That Start With The Letter: M

We have collected the most unique 111 Afghan Boy Names that start with the letter “M“, which you may consider for your newly born baby boy.

MaalekOwner, Landlord, Proprietor
MaalikOwner, Landlord, Proprietor
MaawenAssistant, Assistant Director(Or Chief)
MahboobBelived, Loved, Favourite, Popular, Darling
MahdiRightly Guided
MaherAffection, Sun
MahfoozProtected, Secure, Reserved
MahfuzProtected, Secure, Reserved
Mahmood / MahmoudPraised, Commendable, Praiseworthy, Laudable
MahyarA Character In Shahnamah
MaiwandBattle Of Maiwand, The Principal Battles Of The Second Anglo-Afghan War
MajeedGlorious, Noble, Exalted, Honourable
MajidGlorious, Noble, Exalted, Honourable
MakhdomServed, Waited On
MalekReigning, Ruling
MamnonObliged, Grateful
MamnoonObliged, Grateful
MananMunificent Or Beneficent, Epithet Of God
ManoochehrA Character In Shahnamah
ManshoorCharter, Firman, Patent, Prism
MansoorAssisted, Aided By God, Victorious, Triumphant
MansourAssisted, Aided By God, Victorious, Triumphant
ManzoorIntention, Expectation, Provided For, Considered
MaqboolAccepted, Granted, Pretty
MaqbulAccepted, Granted, Pretty
MaroofFavour, Kindness, Famous, Noted
MarufFavour, Kindness, Famous, Noted
MaseehJesus A Prophet, Christ
MasehJesus A Prophet, Christ
MashaalTorch, Light
MashooqMan Who Is Loved By A Woman
MashuqMan Who Is Loved By A Woman
MasrorGlad, Happy, Pleased
MassomInnocent, Immaculate, Chaste, Impeccable
MassoodHappy, Prosperous
MassoudHappy, Prosperous
MateenStrong, Powerful, Solid, Durable
MatinStrong, Powerful, Solid, Durable
MatiUllahObedient To God
MazdakZoroastrian Prophet
MaziarMaziar, A Devout Zoroastrian, Revolted Against The Arab Muslim Occupation Of Iranian Lands
MeerKing, Governor, Leader, Extenuating Of Amir
MehdiRightly Guided
MehrabA Character In Shahnamah
MehranA Character In Shahnamah
MerajAscension (To Heaven)
MerzaSon Of A Prince
MeskeenPoor, Beggar
MeskinPoor, Beggar
MirKing, Governor, Leader, Extenuating Of Amir
MirBachaAn Afghan Hero Of Second Afghan-Anglo War
MirJahanKing Of World
MirwaisNoble Ruler
MirzaSon Of A Prince
MisaqPact, Covenant
MoawenAssistant, Assistant Director(Or Chief)
MobarakBlessed, Auspicious
MobarakBlessed, Auspicious
MoeinAssistant, Adjutant
MohammadPraised, Lauded, Commended, Praiseworthy
MohebLoving, Affectionate, Friend
MohebullahLoving Of God
MohsenBenefactor, Beneficent
MoinAssistant, Adjutant
MojeebReplier, Answerer, One Who Grant'S
MojibReplier, Answerer, One Who Grant'S
MojtabaChosen, Selected, Elected
MokhtarFree In One'S Action, Empowered
MomenBeliever, Pious Man
MonawarIlluminated, Bright
MoneerSplendid, Shining, Something That Reflects Light
MonesCompanion, Friend
MonirSplendid, Shining, Something That Reflects Light
MoosaA Prophet, The Biblical Moses
MoqimResident, Residing
MoradWill, Intention, Desire, Intended
MortazaChosen, Approved, Agreeable, Acceptable
MostafaChosen, Selected, Epithet Of Mohammad
MubarakBlessed, Auspicious
MubasherHarbinger Of Good News, Foreunner
MuhahmmadPraised, Lauded, Commended, Praiseworthy
MuhaiUdinReviver Of The Religion
MuhebLoving, Affectionate, Friend
MuhsenBenefactor, Beneficent
MujabaChosen, Selected, Elected
MukhtarFree In One'S Action, Empowered
MullahA Person Versed In Theoiogy And Sacred Law
MumtazDistinguished, Excellent
MunawarIlluminated, Bright
MunirSplendid, Shining, Something That Reflects Light
MuqimResident, Residing
MuradWill, Intention, Desire, Intended
MurshedSpiritual Guide Or Preceptor, Sheikh
MurshidSpiritual Guide Or Preceptor, Sheikh
MurtazaChosen, Approved, Agreeable, Acceptable
MurtazaChosen, Approved, Agreeable, Acceptable
MusaA Prophet, The Biblical Moses
MusadeqOne Who Confirms Or Certifies
MusawerPortraitist, Painter
MusharafImminent, Overlooking
MushfeqKind, Tender
MushtaqEager, Anxious
MuslimFollower Of Islam
MustafaChosen, Selected, Epithet Of Mohammad
MuzafarUdinVictorious Of The Religion