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Top 112 Afghan Girl Names Starting With S

TheBiranchi Team has collected a new list of the Top 112 unique Afghan baby Girl names starting with S, which might sound perfect for your newborn baby.

In this article, you will get to know the Trending “S” letter Baby Girl Names in Afghanistan, which you may consider for your newborn baby. All the Afghan baby girl names that start with “S” are arranged with their meaning and gender.

Unique Afghan Girl Names That Start With The Letter: S

We have collected the most unique 112 Afghan Boy Names that start with the letter “S“, which you may consider for your newly born baby girl.

SabaZephyr, A Gentle BreezeGirlAfghan
SaberaPatient Female Of SaberGirlAfghan
SabiraPatient Female Of SaberGirlAfghan
SabooraPatient, Tolerant, Forbearing Female Of SaboorGirlAfghan
SabrinaName Of A Princess In Irland LegendGirlAfghan
SaburaPatient, Tolerant, Forbearing Female Of SaboorGirlAfghan
SadafMother Of Pearl, Sea ShellGirlAfghan
SadeqaTruthful, True Female Of SadeqGirlAfghan
SadiaHappiness, Luck, Blissful, Fortunate Female Of SadiGirlAfghan
SadiqaTruthful, True Female Of SadeqGirlAfghan
SaeedaHappy, Lucky, Prosperous Female Of SaidGirlAfghan
SaeidaHappy, Lucky, Prosperous Female Of SaidGirlAfghan
SafiaPure, Choicefemale Of SafiGirlAfghan
SafiyaPure, Choicefemale Of SafiGirlAfghan
SaiahShade, ShadowGirlAfghan
SaiarahPlanet, GalaxyGirlAfghan
SakeenaComfort, Ease, Tranquillity, ReposeGirlAfghan
SakinaComfort, Ease, Tranquillity, ReposeGirlAfghan
SaleemaSound, Affable, Healthy, Guarded Female Of SalimGirlAfghan
SalehaPious, Sighteous, Upright Female Of SalehGirlAfghan
SalihaPious, Sighteous, Upright Female Of SalehGirlAfghan
SalimaSound, Affable, Healthy, Guarded Female Of SalimGirlAfghan
SalmaTo Be Safe, PeacefulGirlAfghan
SamarStory, Story At Night, By-WordGirlAfghan
SameenPrecious, ExpensiveGirlAfghan
SameerahEntertaining Female CompanionGirlAfghan
SamiaHearing, Listening Female Of SamiGirlAfghan
SaminPrecious, ExpensiveGirlAfghan
SamiraEntertaining Female CompanionGirlAfghan
SanamIdol; Charming, SweetheartGirlAfghan
SanazFull Of Grace; A Flower NameGirlAfghan
SannazFull Of Grace; A Flower NameGirlAfghan
SanowbarSpruce-Fir, Pine, Cone Bearing TreeGirlAfghan
SapidahDawn (The First Appearance Of Light In The Morning)GirlAfghan
SaraPrincess, LadyGirlAfghan
SarahPrincess, LadyGirlAfghan
SarvenazName Of A Tall, Slender Tree; Also A Beautiful WomanGirlAfghan
SarwenazName Of A Tall, Slender Tree; Also A Beautiful WomanGirlAfghan
SayahShade, ShadowGirlAfghan
SayarahPlanet, GalaxyGirlAfghan
SedeeqaFriend, Truthful, Pious Female Of SediqGirlAfghan
SediqaFriend, Truthful, Pious Female Of SediqGirlAfghan
SeemaFace, Mien, PhysiognomyGirlAfghan
SeemeenSilvery; (Made)Of Silver; Silver-White, FairGirlAfghan
SeetaGoddess Of The LandGirlAfghan
SeminPrecious, ExpensiveGirlAfghan
ShabanaNightly, Nocturnal, By Night, OvernightGirlAfghan
ShafeeqaAffectionate, Compassionate Female Of ShafiqGirlAfghan
ShafiaIntercessor, Mediator Female Of ShafiGirlAfghan
ShafiqaAffectionate, Compassionate Female Of ShafiqGirlAfghan
ShahlaHaving Bluish-Black EyesGirlAfghan
ShahLaaHaving Bluish-Black EyesGirlAfghan
ShahnazThe Pride Of The KingGirlAfghan
ShahrbanoLady Of The TownGirlAfghan
Shahr-BanooLady Of The TownGirlAfghan
Shahr-NazThe Pride Of TownGirlAfghan
ShaidaFrenzied (With Love), LovesickGirlAfghan
ShakeraThankful, Grateful, Contented Female Of ShakerGirlAfghan
ShalizahA Persian Weman NameGirlAfghan
ShamailPortrait,Icon, Character SketchGirlAfghan
ShameelaComplete, ComprehensiveGirlAfghan
ShamilaComplete, ComprehensiveGirlAfghan
ShaqayeqA Flower, Corn-PoppyGirlAfghan
ShararaSingle SparkGirlAfghan
ShararahSingle SparkGirlAfghan
ShareefaNoble, Honourable Female Of SharifGirlAfghan
SharifaNoble, Honourable Female Of SharifGirlAfghan
ShaydaFrenzied (With Love), LovesickGirlAfghan
SheeftaEnamoured, Fascinated, Charmed, CaptivatedGirlAfghan
SheemaGirl'S Name In Persian LiteratureGirlAfghan
SheftaEnamoured, Fascinated, Charmed, CaptivatedGirlAfghan
SherinSweet, MelodiousGirlAfghan
ShiftaEnamoured, Fascinated, Charmed, CaptivatedGirlAfghan
ShimaGirl'S Name In Persian LiteratureGirlAfghan
ShireenSweet, MelodiousGirlAfghan
ShirinSweet, MelodiousGirlAfghan
Shirin-BanooSweet LadyGirlAfghan
Shirin-GulMelodious Flower, Lovely FlowerGirlAfghan
ShivaCharming, EloquentGirlAfghan
ShiwaCharming, EloquentGirlAfghan
ShohraFamous, Celebrated (Person Or Thing)GirlAfghan
ShuhraFamous, Celebrated (Person Or Thing)GirlAfghan
SimaFace, Mien, PhysiognomyGirlAfghan
SimeenSilvery; (Made)Of Silver; Silver-White, FairGirlAfghan
SiminSilvery; (Made)Of Silver; Silver-White, FairGirlAfghan
SitaGoddess Of The LandGirlAfghan
SodabahA Legendary Female Character In ShahnamahGirlAfghan
SohailaStar (Canopus) Female Of SohailGirlAfghan
SohelaStar (Canopus) Female Of SohailGirlAfghan
SohilaStar (Canopus) Female Of SohailGirlAfghan
SoozanBurning, Smarting, FerventGirlAfghan
SoraiaPleiades (Star Cluster)GirlAfghan
SorayaPleiades (Star Cluster)GirlAfghan
SozanBurning, Smarting, FerventGirlAfghan
SurayaPleiades (Star Cluster)GirlAfghan
SussanLily (Of The Valley)GirlAfghan
SuzanBurning, Smarting, FerventGirlAfghan