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Top 180 Afghan Boy Names Starting With A

TheBiranchi Team has collected a new list of Top 180 unique Afghan baby Boy names starting with A, which might sound perfect for your newborn baby.

In this article, you will get to know Trending “A” letter Baby Boy Names in Afghanistan, which you may consider for your newborn baby. All the Afghan baby boy names that start with “A” are arranged with their meaning and gender.

Unique Afghan Boy Names That Start With the Letter: A

We have collected the most unique 180 Afghan Boy Names that start with the letter “A“, which you may consider for your newly born baby boy.

Aaban8Th Persian Month, Angel Of Iron
AalemLearned, Learned Man, Scholar, Scientist
AaqelWise, Intelligent
AaqilWise, Intelligent
AaronLofty, Superior, Aaron Was Moses' Older Brother
AbasFrowning, Looking Austere, Also Means Lion
Abdul -GhaniServant Of All Sufficient
Abdul-AhadServant Of The Only One (God)
Abdul-AleemServant Of All Knowing (God)
Abdul-AliServant Of The Most High
Abdul-AlimServant Of All Knowing (God)
Abdul-AzeemServant Of The Mighty ( God)
Abdul-AzeezServant Of The Almighty
Abdul-AzimServant Of The Mighty ( God)
Abdul-AzizServant Of The Almighty
Abdul-BadeeServant Of The Originator
Abdul-BadiServant Of The Originator
Abdul-BaqiServant Of The Everlasting (God)
Abdul-BariServant Of The Creator
Abdul-BaseerServant Of Sagacious (God)
Abdul-BasetServant Of The Expander (God)
Abdul-BasirServant Of Sagacious (God)
Abdul-BasitServant Of The Expander (God)
Abdul-FattahServant Of The Conqueror (God)
Abdul-GhafarServant Of Forgiving (God)
Abdul-GhafoorServant Of The Forgiving (God)
Abdul-GhafurServant Of The Forgiving (God)
Abdul-HadiServant Of Guide (God)
Abdul-HafeezServant Of Guardian (God)
Abdul-HafezServant Of Guardian (God)
Abdul-HafizServant Of Guardian (God)
Abdul-HaiServant Of The Living (God)
Abdul-HakeemServant Of All Wise (God)
Abdul-HakimServant Of All Wise (God)
Abdul-HaleemServant Of The All Element (God)
Abdul-HalimServant Of The All Element (God)
Abdul-HameedServant Of The All Laudable (God)
Abdul-HamidServant Of The All Laudable (God)
Abdul-HananSlave Of The Merciful Forgiving
Abdul-HaqServant Of The Truth (God)
Abdul-HaseebServant Of Reckoner
Abdul-HasibServant Of Reckoner
Abdul-HayServant Of The Living (God)
Abdul-JabarServant Of The Omnipotent (God)
Abdul-JalilServant Of Exalted (God)
Abdul-JamilServant Of Beautiful (God)
Abdul-JawadServant Of Most Bountiful (God)
Abdul-KabeerServant Of The Great (God)
Abdul-KabirServant Of The Great (God)
Abdul-KarimServant Of Most Generous (God)
Abdul-KhabeerSlave Of The One Who Is Aware
Abdul-KhabirSlave Of The One Who Is Aware
Abdul-KhaleqServant Of The Creator (God)
Abdul-KhaliqServant Of The Creator (God)
AbdullahServant Of God
Abdul-LateefServant Of Gracious (God)
Abdul-LatifServant Of Gracious (God)
Abdul-MaalekServant Of The Owner (God)
Abdul-MajeedServant Of The All Glorious (God)
Abdul-MajidServant Of The All Glorious (God)
Abdul-MalekServant Of The Sovereign / King (God)
Abdul-MalikServant Of The Owner (God)
Abdul-MananServant Of The Benefactor (God)
Abdul-MateenServant Of The Strong (God)
Abdul-MatinServant Of The Strong (God)
Abdul-MojeebServant Of Answerer (God)
Abdul-MomenServant Of All Faithful (God)
Abdul-MuhsenServant Of The Benefactor (God)
Abdul-MujibServant Of Answerer (God)
Abdul-MutalebGrandfather Of Prophet Muhammad
Abdul-NaserServant Of The Helper (God)
Abdul-NoorServant Of Light
Abdul-QadeerServant Of The Powerful (God)
Abdul-QaderServant Of The Powerful (God)
Abdul-QadirServant Of The Powerful (God)
Abdul-QaharServant Of The Subdue, Dominant
Abdul-QaherServant Of The Subdue (God)
Abdul-QayomServant Of Eternal (God)
Abdul-QudosServant Of All Holy (God)
Abdul-RabServant Of Lord (God)
Abdul-RafiServant Of Exalted (God)
Abdul-RahimServant Merciful (God)
Abdul-RahmanServant Of Beneficent (God)
Abdul-RaofServant Of Compassionate (God)
Abdul-RaqeebServant Of Observer (God)
Abdul-RaqibServant Of Observer (God)
Abdul-RasheedServant Of Right-Minded (God)
Abdul-RashidServant Of Right-Minded (God)
Abdul-RaufServant Of Compassionate (God)
Abdul-RazaqServant Of All Provider (God)
Abdul-SaboorServant Of The Patient (God)
Abdul-SalamServant Of All Peaceable (God)
Abdul-SamadServant Of The Eternal (God)
Abdul-SamiServant Of All Hearing (God)
Abdul-SatarServant Of The Veiler Of Sin (God)
Abdul-ShahedServant Of The Witness
Abdul-ShaheedServant Of The Witness
Abdul-ShahidServant Of The Witness
Abdul-ShakorServant Of All Thankful (God)
Abdul-TawabServant Of The Most Forgiving
Abdul-WadoodServant Of The Vast
Abdul-WahabServant Of All Give (God)
Abdul-WahedServant Of The One (God)
Abdul-WakeelServant Of Implementor
Abdul-WakilServant Of Implementor
Abdul-WaliServant Of The Comrade
Abdul-WaresServant Of The Survivor
Abdul-ZaherServant Of The Overt, Manifest
Abdul-ZahirServant Of The Overt, Manifest
AbedWorshipper, Adorer, Devout
AbidWorshipper, Adorer, Devout
AbteenA Character In Shahnamah, Feraidon'S Father
AbtinA Character In Shahnamah, Feraidon'S Father
AdamName Of First Man / First Mankind
AdelRighteous, Just, Equitable
AfroozLighting, Enlightening
AfsharCompanion, Friend, Partner
AfshinA Persian Army Commander In Old Times
AfzalBetter, Superior, Prominent
AhmadCommendable, Praiseworthy, Greatly Praised
Ahmad-UllahPraise God
AhmedCommendable, Praiseworthy, Greatly Praised
AjmalMore Beautiful, Extremely Beautiful
AkbarGreater, Bigger
AkhtarStar, Good Luck, Eid
AkramMore Generous, Nobler, Bountiful
AlaudinGlory Of Religion, Excellence Of Religion
AliElevated, High Status
Allah-BakhshGift Of God
AmanTrust, Safety, Security, Protection, Tranquility
AmanudinTrust Of Religion
AmanullahTrust, Care Of God, Protection Of God
AmmanTrust, Safety, Security, Protection, Tranquility
AneesFriend, Close Companion, Companion
AnisFriend, Close Companion, Companion
AnsarHelpe, Friend, Patron, Supporter
AnvarBeams Of Light
AnwarBeams Of Light
ArashA Heroic Archer Of Persian Tradition And Folklore
ArefWise, Intelligent
ArianAryan Nation
ArmanIdeal, Hope, Aspiration
ArminA Character In Shahnamah
AroonLofty, Superior, Aaron Was Moses' Older Brother
AryanAryan Nation
AsadullahLion Of God
AseelOf Noble Origin, Highborn, Pure
AsheqAdorer, Lover, Suitor
AshequllahAdore Of God
AshiqAdorer, Lover, Suitor
AshkanThe Founder Of An Persian Dynasty
AshrafMore Honourable, Most Distinguished
AsilOf Noble Origin, Highborn, Pure
AslamSafer, Freer
AsmatChastity, Dignity, Pride
AtarPerfumer, Perfume Vendor
AtaullahGift Of God
AteeqOlder, Ancient, Noble
AtefCompassionate, Affectionate, Sympathetic
AtifCompassionate, Affectionate, Sympathetic
AtiqOlder, Ancient, Noble
AyobA Prophet, The Biblical Job
AyubA Prophet, The Biblical Job
AzamGreater, Greatest, More Important
AzimGreat, Mighty
AzizullahDear To God