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Top 30 Afghan Boy Names Starting With D

TheBiranchi Team has collected a new list of Top 30 unique Afghan baby Boy names starting with D, which might sound perfect for your newborn baby.

In this article, you will get to know the Trending “D” letter Baby Boy Names in Afghanistan, which you may consider for your newborn baby. All the Afghan baby boy names that start with “D” are arranged with their meaning and gender.

Unique Afghan Boy Names That Start With The Letter: D

We have collected the most unique 30 Afghan Boy Names that start with the letter “D“, which you may consider for your newly born baby boy.

DaanaWise, Learned
DaaneshWisdom, Learning, Science
DaanishWisdom, Learning, Science
DalirBrave, Valiant
DaraaPossessor, Sovereign
DarioushAncient Persian King
DarweshPoor, Holy Man
DarwishPoor, Holy Man
DastgeerArrested, Captured, Who Gives Relief To Others
DastgirArrested, Captured, Who Gives Relief To Others
DaudA Prophet'S Name
DavarRuler, Judge
DavidA Prophet'S Name
DawarRuler, Judge
DawoodA Prophet'S Name
DelAfroozCaptivating, Attractive
DelawarWarrior , Knight , Gallant , Brave , Hero
DeldaarCharming, Beloved
DeleerBrave, Valiant
DelirBrave, Valiant
DelNawazSoothing Heart
DidarMeeting, View, Sight
Din-MuhammadReligion Of Muhammad
Dost-MuhammadFriend Of Prophet Muhammad
DurokhshanBright, Shining