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Top 40 Afghan Boy Names Starting With I

TheBiranchi Team has collected a new list of the Top 40 unique Afghan baby Boy names starting with I, which might sound perfect for your newborn baby.

In this article, you will get to know the Trending “I” letter Baby Boy Names in Afghanistan, which you may consider for your newborn baby. All the Afghan baby boy names that start with “I” are arranged with their meaning and gender.

Unique Afghan Boy Names That Start With The Letter: I

We have collected the most unique 40 Afghan Boy Names that start with the letter “I“, which you may consider for your newly born baby boy.

Ibn-SinaIbn-Sina Balkhi Was A Afghan-Persian Scholar And Commonly Known In English By His Latinized Name Avicenna
IbrahimAs Abraham
IdressA Prophet'S Name
IdrisA Prophet'S Name
IftekharUdinPride Of The Religion
IhteramRespect, Honour
IkhlasDevotion, Sincerity
IkhtiarAuthority, Option, Choice, Control, Free Will
IkramHonouring, Glory, Esteem
IkramullahGlory Of God
IliasA Rophet
IlyasA Rophet
ImadUdinPillar Of The Religion
ImanFaith, Believe
ImdadAssistance,Support, Help
ImtiazDistinction, Privilege, Concession
InayatullahCare Of God
InsafEquity, Justice
IntezarWaiting, Expectation
IqbalFortune Luck
IrajA Character In Shahnamah
IrshadGuidance, Showing The Right Way
IsarGiving In Abundance, Excessive Generosity
IshaqA Prophet, Son Of Abraham
IskandarKing Alexander, The Ancient Greek King
IslahCorrection, Improvement, Reform, Adjustment
IslamSubmitting To God'S Will
IsmailA Prophet, Son Of Abraham
IsmailSon Of Ebrahim Prophet
IsmatChastity, Modesty
IsmatChastity, Dignity, Pride
IsrarSecret, Mystery
IssacA Prophet, Son Of Abraham
ItemadConfidence, Trust, Reliance