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Top 65 Afghan Boy Names Starting With N

TheBiranchi Team has collected a new list of the Top 65 unique Afghan baby Boy names starting with N, which might sound perfect for your newborn baby.

In this article, you will get to know the Trending “N” letter Baby Boy Names in Afghanistan, which you may consider for your newborn baby. All the Afghan baby boy names that start with “N” are arranged with their meaning and gender.

Unique Afghan Boy Names That Start With The Letter: N

We have collected the most unique 65 Afghan Boy Names that start with the letter “N“, which you may consider for your newly born baby boy.

NabeelNoble, Honourable, Intelligent, Dexterous
NabiProphet Sent By God For The Guidance Of Mankind
NabilNoble, Honourable, Intelligent, Dexterous
NabiUllahProphet Of God
NaderExtraordinary, Rare, Exceptional
NadimIntimate Friend, Boon, Companion, Courtier
NaeemLuxury, Pleasure, Blessing
NafeesRefined, Pure, Exquisite, Precious, Invaluable
NafisRefined, Pure, Exquisite, Precious, Invaluable
NaimLuxury, Pleasure, Blessing
NajiSaved, Liberated, Safe
NajibExcellent, Noble, Distinguished, Praiseworthy, Denerous, Aristocratic
NajibullahDistinguished, Servant Of God
NajmUdinStar Of Religion
NaqeePure, Clean
NaqeebPresident, Head, Chief
NaqiPure, Clean
NaqibPresident, Head, Chief
NaseebPortion, Share, Lot, Destiny
NaseemGentle Wind, Fresh Air, Zephyr, A Cool Breeze
NaseerHelper, Aid, Defender
NaserAssister, Friend, Defender
NaserUdinProtector Of Religion
NasherOne Who Publishes
NasibPortion, Share, Lot, Destiny
NasimGentle Wind, Fresh Air, Zephyr, A Cool Breeze
NasirHelper, Aid, Defender
NasratHelp, Aid, Assistance, Support
NasrUdinVictory Of Religion
NasrUllahHelp Of God
NateqSpeaker, Orator
NavidHappy Tidings, Good News
NavinNew, Modern
NawabDepudy, Secretary
NawidHappy Tidings, Good News
NawinNew, Modern
NazeefPure, Clean, Neat And Clean, Chaste
NazeerPrecedent, Alike, Equal To
NazemSuperintendent, Regulator
NazerSpectator, Observer, Controller, Overseer
NazifPure, Clean, Neat And Clean, Chaste
NazirPrecedent, Alike, Equal To
NeamatAffluence, Riches, Easy Life, Blessing, Gift
NeamatUllahBlessing Of God
NekGood, Well
NematBlessing, Boon, Favour, Grace, Comforts Of Life
NesarTo Strew, To Sacrifice
NezamOrder, Arrangement, Discipline, Ruler, System
NezamUdinDiscipline Of Religion
NiamatBlessing, Boon, Favour, Grace, Comforts Of Life
NiazNeed, Necessity
NikGood, Well
NoorLight, Illumination
NoorAhmadLight Of Praised
Noor-MuhammadLight Of Muhammad
NoorUdinLight Of Religion
NoorUlhaqLight Of The Truth
NoumanFlower Beds
NusratHelp, Aid, Assistance, Support