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Top African Girl Names Starting With F

TheBiranchi Team has collected a new list of the Top 30 most popular and unique African baby Girl names starting with F, which might sound perfect for your newborn baby.

In this article, you will get to know the Trending “F” letter Baby Girl Names in Africa, which you may consider for your newborn baby. All the African baby girl names that start with “F” are arranged alphabetically with their meaning and gender.

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Unique African Girl Names That Start With The Letter: F

We have collected all the unique 30 African Girl Names that start with the letter “F”, which you may consider for your newly born baby girl.

FabayoA Lucky Birth Brings Joy
FabunniThis was given to me bt God
FadhilaA woman who is abundant
FadiyaRedeemer, One who redeems
FahariA girl who is very smart
FaikaAfrican Swahili - Superior, Better
FaizahA victorious girl
FalalaShe who is born into abundance
FanaWealth, Honour, One who provides light, Shining
FanakaProsperity or success
FaraLevel Measure, Beautiful, Lovely, Pleasant, Good Looking, Joyful, Reason for rejoicing
FarajaComfort, relief or rest
FayolaGood fortune, Walks with honor
FeechiA god worshipping woman
FemiLove Me
FinnleyA fair (haired) warrior
FiryaliUnusual or extraordinary
FissehaBlissfulness and mirthful joy
FloareaRomanic word for a blooming flower
FlodwigA Dithematic name (linking two elements, mainly parent names)
FolaGlory and Prestige, the one who is honorable
FoladeShe Brings Honor
FolamiHonor and respect me, is the one who spreads warmth and sparkle
FolayanTo Walk With Dignity
FolukePlaced In God'S Care
FujoBorn After A Quarrel
FumnayaThe person who wanted to love by someone
FurahaRefers to blissful or contented

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