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Top African Girl Names Starting With K

TheBiranchi Team has collected a new list of the Top 76 most popular and unique African baby Girl names starting with K, which might sound perfect for your newborn baby.

In this article, you will get to know the Trending “K” letter Baby Girl Names in Africa, which you may consider for your newborn baby. All the African baby girl names that start with “K” are arranged alphabetically with their meaning and gender.

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Unique African Girl Names That Start With The Letter: K

We have collected all the unique 76 African Girl Names that start with the letter “K”, which you may consider for your newly born baby girl.

KabibeLittle Lady
KabiliHonest, Brave
Kacelathe Great Huntress
KadijaThe Prophet'S Wift
KaikaraTraditional Name of God
KaindaThe Hunter's Daughter
KakraSecond Of Twins
KaleiThe One who works for the Kinf
KalereSmall Woman
KalifaChaste; Holy
KamariaMoonlight, Like The Moon
KamboMust Work For Everything
KandeThe Firstborn Female Child
KaneneA Little Thing In The Eye Is Big
KanikaSeed, Peace of Gold
KaniquaBlack Dress
KanoniLittle Bird
KaperaThis Child, Too, Will Die
KarasiLife and Wisdom
KarimahBig-Hearted, Generous
KasindaBorn To A Family With Twins
KaulaWoman Prophet
KaweriaThe loving one
KayaLittle but wise, Home
KayinThe Child that has been Long Awaited
KeciaGreat, Big Joy
Keeyathe Flower of the Garden
KehindeCame second or the second born child
KeishaShe is a Favorite
KeishlaHer Life
KeitaBlessing in African and The Child was a Huge Gift
KelennaTown of Keels
KendaChild of Clear,Cool Water
KendiThe one who is Loved and Cherised
KendyThe One who is Loved a Lot
KeniaGreates Also a Country in Africa
KenyaMauntain of Whiteness
KeruboBorn on the plain
KesiBorn When The Father Had Troubles
KessleeChubby Baby
KhadijaBorn Prematurely
KiaSeason is Beggining
KiangaThe Beams of The Sun
KibibiLittle Lady
KidenA Girl born after 3 Boys
KimaniOne who is Beautiful and Sweet
KimmieRock with Diamonds
KimoniaGreat Woman
KioneHe came from Nowhere
KioniThe one who sees and finds things
KiraboThe One who is a Gift of the God
KissaSister of Twins
KissaBorn After Twins
KitokoHolder of the Beauty
KizzyThe meaning of the name refers to Yellow Flower, Cassia
KokumoThis One Will Not Die
KukuaBorn On Wednesday
KulwaFirst Born Of Twins
KuntoThird Born Child
KuronGiving Thanks
KwambokaOne who was born while crossing a river
KyaDiamond in the Sky
KyalambokaGod Save Me
KymbreDiamond brearing Rock

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