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Top African Girl Names Starting With M

TheBiranchi Team has collected a new list of the Top 57 most popular and unique African baby Girl names starting with M, which might sound perfect for your newborn baby.

In this article, you will get to know the Trending “M” letter Baby Girl Names in Africa, which you may consider for your newborn baby. All the African baby girl names that start with “M” are arranged alphabetically with their meaning and gender.

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Unique African Girl Names That Start With The Letter: M

We have collected all the unique 57 African Girl Names that start with the letter “M”, which you may consider for your newly born baby girl.

MachupaOne who likes to drink
MadanaA person who heals people
MahaGazelle, Beautiful Eyes, Splendid, Beloved to Amun
MahariOne who is forgiving
MaizahOne who has good judgement
MakanaA girl who is a gift to the world
MalaikaAn Angel of heaven
MalikaQueen, Princess
MamaBorn On Saturday
MandereBeautiful beads
ManicaA place name, town in Mozambique
MansaThird Born Girl, King of Kings, Emperor,
MardeaThe last one
MariatuOne who is pure, Innocent
MariniFresh, Healthy, Pretty, Charming
MarjaniA coral
MarjeanCoral, Gracious, A variant of Marjian
MarkaA steady rain
MasaraA magical woman
MasegoA blessing
MashakaOne who brings trouble
MashikaBorn During A Rainy Season
MawiyahThe Essence Of Life
MawusiIn The Hands Of God
MbaliA Zulu name meaning flower
MeleniBrazilian word for Melon
MelokuhleStand for what is right, One who represents good things
MeriaThe harsh taste of the Ocean
MeronThe woman who serves the Army
MessinaBeing neither at the begining nor at the end in a series
MhinaThe person who is greatly pleasing or entertaining
MiahThe much dearest person
MikailiThe one who is likely to the God's messenger
MikennaOne who brings the Joy
MilanduAn answer to the prayers
MiniyaA girl who is believed to do extra-ordinary things
MirembePeace or a peaceful nature The peaceful world
MiyandaThe ancestors, the beginning, the roots
ModupeI am Grateful, Gratefulness, I give thanks to God
MonifaI Am Lucky
MontshoA black colored person
MorathiAn intelligent or a wise man
MosiFirst Born
MudiwaBeloved, Dearest
Mugurealready purchased
MukondiA dancer
MumbiCreator or mother of the people
MuminahPious Woman
MunirahEnlightened Woman
MurigoThis is a load
MuthoniThe shy one
MwanawaFirst Born
MwassaaKenyan term, meaning everywhere

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