100 Unique Baby Girl Names Inspired By Song And Singer

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TheBiranchi Team has collected a new list of the Top 100 most popular baby girl names inspired by Singer, which might sound perfect for your newborn baby girl.

This article will teach you the latest and trending Singer baby girl names. (Girl Names Meaning Singer) All girl names that mean Singer are taken from different origins in the world and arranged alphabetically with their meaning in English.

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Girl Names That Mean Singer

Below is a list of the top 100 Most Popular Singer-inspired Baby Girl names, which you may consider for your newly born baby girl. Happy browsing!


1. Aaralyn

            Aaralyn means “An American name meaning with song, A woman with song”. Aaralyn is a Girl name of American origin.


2. Agharid

            Agharid means “A decent name for a baby Boy or girl which means the melodious musical songs of the birds”. Agharid is a Girl name of Muslim origin.


3. Aika

            Aika means “love song”. Aika is a Girl name of Japanese origin.


4. Alouette

            Alouette means “Derived from a Songbird called lark are visionary, dignified optimistic individuals”. Alouette is a Girl name of French origin.


5. Amargeet

            Amargeet means “Eternal song”. Amargeet is a Girl name of Victorious origin.


6. Anshida

            Anshida means “Singer”. Anshida is a Girl name of Indian origin.


7. Antra

            Antra means “Paragraph of a song, very beautiful”. Antra  is a Girl name of Indian origin.


8. Aoide

            Aoide means “Song”. Aoide is a Girl name of Greek origin.


9. Aria

            Aria means “The one who is Lion of the Lords, Air, Song or Melody”. Aria is a Girl name of Italian origin.


10. Ariea

            Ariea means “A sweet and melodious song, came from air”. Ariea is a Girl name of Hebrew origin.


11. Avaleigh

            Avaleigh means “A beautiful individual, desired song”. Avaleigh is a Girl name of German origin.


12. Bluesette

            Bluesette means “A name of the instrumental jazz,blues song”. Bluesette is a Girl name of American origin.


13. Caniad

            Caniad means “Song”. Caniad is a Girl name of Welsh origin.\


14. Cantilena

            Cantilena means “Song”. Cantilena is a Girl name of Latin origin.


15. Carmia

            Carmia means “She who is like a song”. Carmia is a Girl name of Mexican origin.


16. Carminda

            Carminda means “To be like a beautiful song”. Carminda is a Girl name of Spanish origin.


17. Carolien

            Carolien means “One who is like a song of happiness”. Carolien is a Girl name of Dutch origin.


18. Caroline

            Caroline means “A blissful, happy song”. Caroline is a Girl name of English origin.


19. Carolynne

            Carolynne means “She is like a happy song”. Carolynne is a Girl name of German origin.


20. Carry

            Carry means “A song, a carol”. Carry is a Girl name of Irish origin.


21. Chantae

            Chantae means “A sweet amd memorable song”. Chantae is a Girl name of French origin.


22. Chantalle

            Chantalle means “Song”. Chantalle is a Girl name of French origin.


23. Charmaine

            Charmaine means “A beautiful song”. Charmaine is a Girl name of English origin.


24. Cuicatl

            Cuicatl means “Song”. Cuicatl is a Girl name of Aztec origin.


25. Debbra

            Debbra means “One whose song is a part of Book of Judges”. Debbra is a Girl name of English origin.


26. Deborrah

            Deborrah means “Song written in the book of judges”. Deborrah is a Girl name of English origin.


27. Debra

            Debra means “Bee, a song writer”. Debra is a Girl name of Hebrew origin.


28. Dinaz

            Dinaz means “A religious song or music”. Dinaz is a Girl name of Iranian origin.


29. Edhiva

            Edhiva means “A happy song which is very sweet”. Edhiva is a Girl name of Sanskrit origin.


30. Ehani

            Ehani means “Song”. Ehani is a Girl name of Indian origin.


31. Ganavi

            Ganavi means “Singer, Melody”. Ganavi is a Girl name of Indian origin.


32. Gatha

            Gatha means “Song”. Gatha is a Girl name of Indian origin.


33. Geet

            Geet means “Song, Melody, Divine Song, A Variant of name Gita”. Geet is a Girl name of Indian origin.


34. Geetanjali

            Geetanjali means “One who sings spiritual songs as submission to the God”. Geetanjali is a Girl name of Indian origin.


35. Ghanavi

            Ghanavi means “Singer, Melody”. Ghanavi is a Girl name of Indian origin.


36. Git

            Git means “The meaning of the name Git is Song”. Git is a Girl name of English origin.


37. Gitanjali

            Gitanjali means “Presenting Songs in Devoted Manner”. Gitanjali is a Girl name of Sanskrit origin.


38. Gitashri

            Gitashri means “A name used to refer to the Hindu spiritual book The Bhagavat Gita, Divine Song”. Gitashri is a Girl name of Sanskrit origin.


39. Guita

            Guita means “World or universe, It's also a kind of song”. Guita is a Girl name of Iranian origin.


40. Gutala

            Gutala means “Lover of the Song or Melodious”. Gutala is a Girl name of Indian origin.


41. Hiva

            Hiva means “Song”. Hiva is a Girl name of Kurdish origin.


42. Karcsi

            Karcsi means “Joyful song”. Karcsi is a Girl name of French origin.


43. Kari

            Kari means “Joyful song”. Kari is a Girl name of French origin.


44. Keerath

            Keerath means “Praises God through Song”. Keerath is a Girl name of Punjabi origin.


45. Kekavala

            Kekavala means “Kekavala means The Song of Devotion”. Kekavala is a Girl name of Indian origin.


46. Kirtana

            Kirtana means “Kirtana means Hymn, A Song in Praise of God”. Kirtana is a Girl name of Tamil origin.


47. Kitu

            Kitu means “Kokila, Singer”. Kitu is a Girl name of Indian origin.


48. Kutaka

            Kutaka means “The Flower's Song”. Kutaka is a Girl name of Indian origin.


49. Lerina

            Lerina means “A song that I love, that is close to my heart, my song”. Lerina is a Girl name of Indian origin.


50. Linaeve

            Linaeve means “Singing tree, Tree of song”. Linaeve is a Girl name of American origin.


51. Linnet

            Linnet means “A finch type of a small bird known for its song”. Linnet is a Girl name of French origin.


52. Loralyn

            Loralyn means “A woman whose beautiful song leads man to destrucion”. Loralyn is a Girl name of Greek origin.


53. Lyra

            Lyra means “Song”. Lyra is a Girl name of French origin.


54. Lyric

            Lyric means “A beautiful song”. Lyric is a Girl name of English origin.


55. Madrigal

            Madrigal means “A song for unaccompanied voices”. Madrigal is a Girl name of Spanish origin.


56. Mandira

            Mandira means “Melody, Like a melodius song”. Mandira is a Girl name of Indian origin.


57. Manzuma

            Manzuma means “A woman who is like a poem or a song”. Manzuma is a Girl name of Muslim origin.


58. Mele

            Mele means “Song”. Mele is a Girl name of Hawaiian origin.


59. Melodi

            Melodi means “Song”. Melodi is a Girl name of Greek origin.


60. Melodie

            Melodie means “Melody, Song”. Melodie is a Girl name of French origin.


61. Musetta

            Musetta means “A song”. Musetta is a Girl name of French origin.


62. Naghmah

            Naghmah means “A melody or a song”. Naghmah is a Girl name of Afghani origin.


63. Owaissa

            Owaissa means “A Bluebird, a beautiful song of Hiawatha”. Owaissa is a Girl name of Native American origin.


64. Pallavit

            Pallavit means “One who is the song of life”. Pallavit is a Girl name of Indian origin.


65. Paramgeet

            Paramgeet means “The Highest Song Of Bliss, Most divine song, Spiritualy superior song”. Paramgeet is a Girl name of Indian origin.


66. Parnavi

            Parnavi means “A sweet song singing bird”. Parnavi is a Girl name of Indian origin.


67. Polyhymnia

            Polyhymnia means “Muse of sacred song”. Polyhymnia is a Girl name of Greek origin.


68. Psalm

            Psalm means “A song, A song-like person”. Psalm is a Girl name of Hebrew origin.


69. Ranim

            Ranim means “To recite a song”. Ranim  is a Girl name of Arabic origin.


70. Ratangeet

            Ratangeet  means “Song Of Diamond Soul, A precious song”. Ratangeet is a Girl name of Arabic origin.


71. Reman

            Reman means “One calming and beautiful as a Song”. Reman is a Girl name of Arabic origin.


72. Renana

            Renana means “A joyful song”. Renana is a Girl name of Hebrew origin.


73. Reneeka

            Reneeka means “A woman who is like a song”. Reneeka is a Girl name of Indian origin.


74. Reya

            Reya means “Rich or from Hadria, Gem, Goddess Lakshmi, Graceful, Singer”. Reya is a Girl name of Indian origin.


75. Rheeya

            Rheeya means “Singer, Graceful”. Rheeya is a Girl name of Indian origin.


76. Ria

            Ria means “Rich or from Hadria, Gem, Goddess Lakshmi, Graceful, Singer”. Ria is a Girl name of Indian origin.


77. Rina

            Rina means “Greens from the Village, Song, Joy, It has a Sanskrit meaning as melted or dissolved”. Rina is a Girl name of Japanese origin.


78. Risa

            Risa means “One whose laughter is like the song”. Risa is a Girl name of Japanese origin.


79. Riya

            Riya means “Singer”. Riya is a Girl name of Sanskrit origin.


80. Saadia

            Saadia means “Lucky, Blessed, Singer”. Saadia is a Girl name of Muslim origin.


81. Sadooh

            Sadooh means “Singer, Singing”. Sadooh is a Girl name of Muslim origin.


82. Serah

            Serah means “Song”. Serah is a Girl name of Biblical origin.


83. Shaadiya

            Shaadiya means “Luck, Flower, Singer”. Shaadiya is a Girl name of Muslim origin.


84. Shadya

            Shadya means “Lucky, Blessed, Singer”. Shadya is a Girl name of Muslim origin.


85. Sharlena

            Sharlena means “A song, a carol”. Sharlena is a Girl name of Albanian origin.


86. Shir

            Shir means “Song”. Shir is a Girl name of Hebrew origin.


87. Shirat

            Shirat means “Song”. Shirat is a Girl name of Arabic origin.


88. Shiri

            Shiri means “Song of my soul”. Shiri is a Girl name of Hebrew origin.


89. Shirilee

            Shirilee means “My song”. Shirilee is a Girl name of Hebrew origin.


90. Shirra

            Shirra means “The song that belongs to her”. Shirra is a Girl name of Hebrew origin.


91. Shirrina

            Shirrina means “This is my little song”. Shirrina is a Girl name of Hebrew origin.


92. Sonnet

            Sonnet means “She who is like a little song”. Sonnet is a Girl name of English origin.


93. Taranah

            Taranah means “A harmonic song”. Taranah is a Girl name of Indian origin.


94. Taraneh

            Taraneh means “A song”. Taraneh is a Girl name of Iranian origin.


95. Tehila

            Tehila means “Song of praise”. Tehila is a Girl name of Hebrew origin.


96. Tehilla

            Tehilla means “Songs of God's glory”. Tehilla is a Girl name of Hebrew origin.


97. Tehillah

            Tehillah means “A praise song”. Tehillah is a Girl name of Hebrew origin.


98. Wambui

            Wambui means “The singer of songs”. Wambui is a Girl name of Kikuyu origin.


99. Wangui

            Wangui means “Song leader”. Wangui is a Girl name of Kikuyu origin.


100. Zemora

            Zemora means “Song of praise”. Zemora is a Girl name of African origin.


Final Thoughts From TheBiranchi: 

Naming a baby is so hard but it is an important decision you have to make as a parent. It can be fun, but the responsibility of naming another human being can make it a bit intimidating. After all, your child will carry that name throughout their life.

Read through this article again to choose the best Singer-inspired baby girl names for your little angel. Feel free to share this article with your family & friends so that they can learn too.

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We hope you liked the above list of the Top 100 trending Singer baby girl names. Team TheBiranchi is working hard to bring a popular collection of all types of unique baby names so that you can choose the perfect name for your newly born baby Boy or Girl. Thank You..!

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