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Utima Wange – Angolan Traditional Song Lyrics

TheBiranchi Team brings you the most popular Angolan Traditional Song “Utima Wange”.

This article will teach you the famous Traditional Song “My Heart” in the Angolan language i.e. Utima Wange. The Traditional Song is written in English and Umbundu language.

Utima Wange

Traditional Song (Umbundu)

A Section:
Utima Wange Ukukwetele yona,
Utima Wange Ukululumbila

B Section:
A Ñala suku yange,
A Ñala suku yange

My Heart

Traditional Song (English)

A Section:
My heart is thirsting for him.
My heart is joyful.

B Section:
Lord God the Creator.
Lord God the Creator.

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