آللو بچه للو – Aa Lalo Child Lalo (Afghan/Lullaby)

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TheBiranchi Team brings you the most popular Afghani lullaby Aa Lalo Child Lalo.

This article will teach you the famous lullaby of Afghanistan i.e. Aa Lalo Child Lalo. The lullaby is written in English as well as in its regional language.

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آللو بچه للو

Lullaby (Dari Persian)

آللو بچه للو
پس در بچه للو
بابیت پی شکار رفته
مادرت پی کار رفته
آللوی مهپاره
مهپاره در گهواره
گهواره طلاکاری
بند و بارش مرواری
آللو بچه للو

Aa Lalo Child Lalo

Lullaby (English)

aa lalo bacha lalo
pasè darbachah lalo
bâbait pay shekâr rafta.
ah lalo è mahpârah
mahpârah dar gahwârah
gahwârah telâkâri
band o bâresh morwâri
aa lalo bachah lalo


Aa Lalo Child Lalo

Lullaby (Meaning in English)

Aa lalo child, lalo*
The child behind the window, lalo**
Your father has gone hunting
Your mother has gone to work
Aa sleep, you’re a beautiful child
A beautiful child in a cradle
The cradle is made of gold
And decorated with pearls,
Aa lalo child, lalo**.

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Biranchi Narayan

Biranchi Narayan