Ameumi-Ameumi – Algerian Lullaby Lyrics

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TheBiranchi Team brings you the most popular Algerian Lullaby for Baby Boys “Ameumi-Ameumi”.

This article will teach you the famous boy’s lullaby “My Son, My Son” in the Kabyle language i.e. Ameumi-Ameumi. The nursery rhyme is written in English and Kabyle language.

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Boy’s Lullaby (Kabyle)

Ch’bou leuh-lal
Amayour maradilal
Akihyou reub
A mââziz
Aya your l’aïd ameukrane
A meumi-atsi direute
Atsidireute atsime ghoureute
Feughe bera tsourareute
Tsze ya d’wit’louleute.


My Son, My Son

Boy’s Lullaby (English)

My son, my son,
Be like the star,
Like the moon when it rises*
Long live, my darling son,
Moon of great sacrifice,
My son, you will live and you will grow,
Go outside and play
With children of your age.



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Sanjuwala Naik

Sanjuwala Naik