Ayeuli yel’ha wouliw – Algerian Lullaby Lyrics

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TheBiranchi Team brings you the most popular Algerian Lullaby for Baby Girls “Ayeuli yel’ha wouliw”.

This article will teach you the famous boy’s lullaby “My Daughter, Your Heart is Pure” in the Kabyle language i.e. Ayeuli yel’ha wouliw. The children lullaby is written in English and Kabyle language.

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Ayeuli yel’ha wouliw

Girl’s Lullaby (Kabyle)

Ayeuli yel’ha wouliw
Eusse teur bââte
Imaw lanime
Aya sââdime
Ara yeuh’frahwoulime.


My Daughter, Your Heart is Pure

Girl’s Lullaby (English)

My daughter, your heart is pure.
With the tribe of your people,
If they’re alive
Your luck is great thanks to them.
Your heart will be joyful.

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Sanjuwala Naik

Sanjuwala Naik