Build A Scarecrow Day: Wishes, Messages And Quotes

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Build A Scarecrow Day is celebrated in the United States on the first Sunday in July. The Scarecrow helps to keep birds out of your garden.


Why Build A Scarecrow Day is Celebrated?

This is a unique and fun festival for farmers in the USA. The farmers create a special human-shaped figures to scare the birds. On this special day, people gather to build scarecrows and celebrate the coming of autumn.


Build A Scarecrow Day: Messages

– Build a Scarecrow Day symbolizes the protection of one’s valuable belongings from evil and destruction.

– Scarecrows are of great importance to harvesters; they protect their fields from birds who look to eat away their months of hard work and patience.


– This eventful day calls for people to make scarecrows and welcome autumn.

– Build a Scarecrow Day, predominantly being celebrated in the United States, now has gained international appeal and popularity.

– Actually, Build a Scarecrow Day has been known to be celebrated in the United Kingdom since the 1990s.

– Build a Scarecrow provides just the perfect opportunity for relatives, neighbors, friends, and close ones to get together and catch up on their lives.


– Some communities hold special competitions on Build a Scarecrow Day to make this day even more fun and eventful.

– When birds are eating the vegetables and fruits in your garden before you pick them, it’s just the perfect time to celebrate Build a Scarecrow Day!

– Closing in on the harvesting season when one’s farm and garden produce is ready to be reaped, that’s when a scarecrow plays its part.


– There’s an imminent threat o them being eaten by the birds instead is just the right time to celebrate Build a Scarecrow Day.

– Conventionally, scarecrows are made from scratch like hay, straws, old clothes, hats, sticks, etc.

– One can always customize their scarecrows and make it look fancier by adding in ribbons, pins, jackets, hats, jerseys of your favorite teams, etc.

– Many farmer communities in the United States hold Build a Scarecrow Day Party and engage in fun and frolic.

– One can learn how to make a scarecrow from the internet as there are a lot of video graphic descriptions available on it and personalize it on their own!


– Imagine, one organizes a beautiful garden in his facade or a farmer sweats day in and day out to sow crops for agriculture, but one day a flock of birds comes and jeopardizes all this good work?


Build A Scarecrow Day: Greetings

– Hope you shoo away all the evils from your life! A very prosperous Build a Scarecrow Day to you!

– Hope God protects you and your family as a Scarecrow protects its field! Wishing you and your family a very happy Build a Scarecrow Day!


– May the lord give you the strength to be able to protect your loved ones from all the evils! Wishing you a very happy Build a Scarecrow Day!


– Wishing you a very fruitful and jovial Build a Scarecrow Day! Good Vibes only!


– May you build the scariest scarecrow to shoo away two-winged devils from your beautiful garden! Here’s wishing you a very Happy Build a Scarecrow Day!


Build A Scarecrow Day: Quotes

“We must all make do with the rags of love we find flapping on the scarecrow of humanity.”
― Angela Carter

“It was a lonely life to lead, for I had nothing to think of, having been made such a little while before.”
― L. Frank Baum


“Brains are the only things worth having in this world, no matter whether one is a crow or a man.”
― L. Frank Baum

Biranchi Narayan

Biranchi Narayan