Lal Pari – Hindi Nursery Rhymes

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TheBiranchi Team brings you the most popular Indian children’s nursery song Lal Pari.

This article will teach you the famous kid’s Hindi song of India i.e. Lal Pari. The nursery rhyme is written in English and Hindi language.

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‘लाल परी’

बालगीत के बोल

आसमान की लाल परी,
ऊपर से निचे उतरी।

नए-नए उपहार सजाकर,
सपनो का संसार बसाकर।

खेल खिलोने और मिठाई,
सब बच्चों को देखने आयी।


‘Lal Pari’

Lyrics in English

Aasman ki Lal Pari,
Uppar se niche utri.

Naye-naye uphar sajakar,
Sapno ka sansar basakar,

Khel Khilone aur mithai,
Sab bachoon ko dene aayi


‘Lal Pari’

English Translation

Red angel in the sky
Descended from above.

Decorated with new gifts,
By creating a world of dreams.

Game, Toys, and Sweets
Came to see all the children.



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MD Ayan

MD Ayan