يا يجانجل يا مجانجل – Algerian Children’s Song

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TheBiranchi Team brings you the most popular Algerian children’s nursery songيا يجانجل يا مجانجل.

This article will teach you the famous children’s song Oh Yejenjen, Oh Mejenjen in the Algerian Arabic language i.e. يا يجانجل يا مجانجل. The nursery rhyme is written in English and Arabic language.

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يا يجانجل يا مجانجل

Children’s Song (Algerian Arabic)

يا يجانجل يا مجانجل
وين كنتو لبارح ؟
في جنان بو صالح
واش كليتو من تفاح ونفخ ؟
خبي يدك يا مفتاح


Oh Yejenjen, Oh Mejenjen

Children’s Song (English)

Oh Yejenjen, Oh Mejenjen
Where were you yesterday?
In Bousaleh’s garden*
What did you eat like an apple and other good things?
Hide your hand, which is the key.


يا يجانجل يا مجانجل


Ya Yejenjel, Ya Mejenjel

Ya Yejenjel, Ya Mejenjel
Win kountou el bareh?
Fi jenan Bousaleh
Wach klitou men tefeh ou nefekh
Khabi yedek ya mefteh.

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Sanjuwala Naik

Sanjuwala Naik