Tseudoughe Tsala – Algerian Lullaby Lyrics

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TheBiranchi Team brings you the most popular Algerian Lullaby for Baby Girls “Tseudoughe Tsala”.

This article will teach you the famous boy’s lullaby “I Go to the Spring” in the Kabyle language i.e. Tseudoughe Tsala. The children’s lullaby is written in English and Kabyle language.

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Tseudoughe Tsala

Girl’s Lullaby (Kabyle)

Tseudoughe tsala
Oualeughe elHara touli
Tamour’tegheure tamour’te
Ayis’me ââzizeune feuli.


I Go to the Springx

Girl’s Lullaby (English)

I go to the spring,
I see the house built
Brick over brick,
Town after town,
May God give you a long life, my daughter,
Name dear to my heart.

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Sanjuwala Naik

Sanjuwala Naik